Educational Leadership

EDLR 1162: Health and Education in Urban Communities

One credit ($50). Offered Fall, Spring, or Full-year.

As an introductory course, EDLR 1162 explores the historical and social forces that shape health and education in urban communities, specifically in Connecticut. Topics of study will include poverty, culture, and identity and how these phenomena affect children’s health, nutrition, schooling and opportunities for success. Through readings, films, discussion, reflection and service‐learning opportunities, class members analyze policies, norms and beliefs in our society. Students will be challenged to consider how these trends may lead us to a more just society and how these may perpetuate injustice.

Eligibility Guidelines: Instructor consent is required. 

Instructor Certification Requirements:

The minimum degree requirement for teachers wishing to teach Early College Experience EDLR 1162: Health and Education in Urban Communities is typically a Master’s degree in a related field. A Master’s in an education or health related field of study would be ideal, but other degrees will be considered. The first year of certification is provisional, and the faculty course coordinator will mentor the ECE instructor and oversee implementation of the syllabus, instruction and service learning component of the course. Following the provisional period, certified instructors work closely with the faculty course coordinator to offer this course. All applications must include a completed EDLR 1162 Service Site Info Form.

Instructor Resources:

EDLR 1162 Course Information (PDF)
EDLR 1162 Sample Syllabus (PDF)