Advising Portal

Welcome to the UConn Early College Experience Advising Portal and Academic Advising Presentation. Please review the presentation for an overview of considerations when selecting your UConn courses through UConn ECE. The Advising Portal is designed with the understanding that different populations require different information--thus, it progresses from simple advising to more complex. Use the tool below to see how a UConn course taken through UConn ECE can benefit you. You can see the connection between a UConn course and an academic major.

UConn ECE and Your College Major

Selecting a major can be an intimidating task, but you do not need to have this decided before you go to college. Taking a UConn course can help you in making that decision. Are you taking Biology 1107 and want to know which majors that leads to? Or, do you already have a picture in your mind of what job you would like to have after college – a nurse, a land use management specialist , etc.? We have an easy interface that allows you to see these connections at UConn. There are similar requirements and pathways at other college and universities. Be sure to check their course catalogues. Find your course in the Select by Course pull-down below, and it will then list all the potential majors that require Biology 1107, or the course of your choosing. Likewise, use the Select by Major pull-down and find your intended major, and the interface will show you all the UConn courses offered through UConn ECE which support this major. It will help you decide whether taking HDFS 1070 and Physics 1401Q is best suited for your future.