Month: January 2024

Spring 2024 UConn ECE Digital Media & Design Workshop

Spring 2024 UConn ECE DMD Workshop

On Friday, January 19th UConn Early College Experience, and the UConn ECE Faculty Coordinator from DMD Assistant Professor in Residence, Ken Thompson met with a group of six UConn ECE certified DMD Instructors for their annual professional development workshop. Instructors learned about creativity in the classroom and examined current pedagogical methods and evaluation tools for creativity. Group discussion and tip-sharing were invaluable to the Instructors as they continue to enable students to think creatively in their classrooms. Instructors also used their creativity skills as they workshopped a card game of their own. This workshop was an abridged version of an industry-standard game design practice, and then they critiqued their games using Mechanics, Dynamics, and Aesthetics.

The Digital Media field  requires consistent technological funding for computers, cameras, and other materials. The Instructors  ended the day focusing on technology, STEAM, and opportunities to showcase student video games, films, and artwork in statewide festivals and competitions.


UConn Digital Media & Design courses offered through ECE.