2019-2020 Partner Schools

UConn ECE courses for the 2019-20 school year, as of Nov 2019. Please check with your school for updates and changes.

Partner list 2019-20 (PDF)

Academy of Aerospace and Engineering BIOL1107; ENGL1004; ENGL1010; NRE1000E; PHYS1401Q; SOCI1001; SPAN3178; BIOL1108; SPAN3179
Academy of Information Technology & Engineering BIOL1108; ECON1201; ENGL1011; HIST1400; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1202Q; POLS1602; SPAN3178; ECON1202
Amity Regional High School FREN3250; SPAN3178; SPAN3179
Ansonia High School ART1030; BIOL1107; CHEM1127Q; ENGL1011; HIST1501; PHYS1201Q; STAT1100Q; CHEM1128Q; HIST1502; PHYS1202Q
Avon High School CAMS3102; CHEM1127Q; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; FREN3250; HIST1400; MATH1131Q; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1401Q; SPAN3179; STAT1100Q; CHEM1128Q; MATH1132Q
Bacon Academy ENGL1011; MARN1002; MUSI1011; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q
Bassick High School NRE1000E; SPAN3177
Berlin High School ART1030; CHEM1127Q; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; MATH1131Q; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; CHEM1128Q; MATH1132Q; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3179; STAT1100Q
Bethel High School ECON1000; ENGL1010; HIST1400; MATH1030Q; MATH1131Q; MUSI1011; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1202Q; SOCI1001; MATH1132Q; MUSI1012
Bloomfield High School AH2001; ECON1000; HRTS1007; MUSI1011; MUSI1012; SPAN3178; SPSS1110; SPSS2520
Bolton High School ART1030; NRE1000E
Branford High School BIOL1107; CAMS3102; HIST1300; LLAS1190; PHYS1201Q; BIOL1108; HIST1400; PHYS1202Q
Bridgeport Regional Aquaculture Science & Technology Education Center BIOL1107; CHEM1127Q; MARN1003; NRE1000E; CHEM1128Q
Brien McMahon High School AH2001; BIOL1107; CHEM1127Q; FREN3250; HIST1501; ILCS3239; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; CHEM1128Q; FREN3268; HIST1502; ILCS3240; SPAN3179
Bristol Central High School BIOL1107; CHEM1127Q; HDFS1070; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1401Q; SPAN3178; CHEM1128Q; PHYS1402Q; SPAN3179
Bristol Eastern High School ENGL1011; HDFS1070; MATH1131Q; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1401Q; MATH1132Q; PHYS1402Q
Brookfield High School BIOL1107; BIOL1108; ENGL1011; HIST1501; HIST1400; HIST1502; MUSI1001
Bais Yaakov of Waterbury High School AH4092; ENGL1010; ENGL1011
Bulkeley High School BIOL1108
Frank Scott Bunnell High School BIOL1107; FREN3250; HIST1501; MATH1131Q; MUSI1011; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1202Q; STAT1100Q; BIOL1108; HIST1502; MUSI1012
Canton High School ENGL1011; HIST1501; HIST1502; MATH1131Q; SPAN3178; SPAN3179
Central High School CHEM1127Q; ENGL1004; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HIST1501; HIST1502; HRTS1007; NRE1000E; CHEM1128Q; MUSI1003
Cheshire High School BIOL1107; ECON1000; ECON1202; ENGL1011; FREN3250; FREN3268; GERM3233; HDFS1070; HIST1400; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1401Q; SPAN3178; PHYS1202Q
Christian Heritage School BIOL1107; BIOL1108; ENGL1010; HIST1501; MUSI1011; PHIL1101; PHYS1201Q; HIST1502; MUSI1012; PHYS1202Q
Coginchaug Regional High School ENGL1011; HIST1400
Conard High School BIOL1107; CHIN1114; ECON1202; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; FREN3268; HDFS1070; HRTS1007; MATH1030Q; MATH1131Q; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; STAT1100Q; BIOL1108; ECON1201; FREN3250; LLAS1190; MATH1132Q; SPAN3179
Cooperative Arts and Humanities Magnet High School ENGL1010; ENGL1011
Coventry High School ART1030; ENGL1010; FREN3268; MATH1131Q; STAT1100Q; MATH1030Q
Cromwell High School HDFS1070; MATH1131Q; SPAN3179; STAT1100Q
Crosby High School ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HIST1300; HRTS1007; PHYS1201Q; SOCI1001; STAT1100Q; HIST1400; MATH1030Q
Daniel Hand High School CHEM1127Q; CHIN1114; ENGL1011; HIST1400; HIST1501; MATH1030Q; MATH1131Q; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1401Q; SPAN3178; STAT1100Q; CHEM1128Q; HIST1502; MATH1132Q; PHYS1202Q; PHYS1402Q
Derby High School ILCS3239; ILCS3240; HIST1300
East Catholic High School HIST1400; MATH1131Q; PHYS1201Q; MATH1132Q
East Hampton High School ENGL1011; HDFS1070
East Hartford High School ENGL1011; HRTS1007
East Haven High School ENGL1004; ENGL1011; HIST1400; STAT1100Q; ART1030
Ellington High School AMST1201; ECON1201; ENGL1010; HIST1400; MATH1030Q; MATH1131Q; MUSI1001; PHYS1201Q; STAT1100Q
Harvard H. Ellis Technical High School ECON1000; ENGL1010
East Lyme High School AH1100; AH2001; CE2110; ENGL1010; FREN3250; GERM3233; HDFS1070; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; FREN3268; GERM3255; SPAN3179
Enfield High School BIOL1107; CHEM1127Q; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1202Q; BIOL1108; CHEM1128Q
Edwin O. Smith High School BIOL1107; CAMS3102; ECON1201; ECON1202; ENGL1010; FREN3250; GERM3233; HDFS1070; HIST1300; HIST1400; HIST1501; HRTS1007; MATH1131Q; NRE1000E; PHIL1101; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1401Q; SPAN3178; SPSS1110; SPSS3230; STAT1100Q; BIOL1108; FREN3268; GERM3255; HIST1502; MATH1030Q; MATH1132Q; PHYS1202Q; PHYS1402Q; SPAN3179; SPSS2520
Easton Country Day School STAT1100Q
Engineering and Science University Magnet High School ENGL1011
East Windsor High School ENGL1010
Fairfield Ludlowe High School DMD1000; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; HIST1501; HIST1502
Fairfield Warde High School CAMS3102; ENGL1011; FREN3250; HDFS1070; HIST1400; HIST1501; MATH1131Q; NRE1000E; SPAN3178; FREN3268; HIST1502; MATH1132Q; SPAN3179
Fairchild Wheeler Interdistrict Science Magnet Schools AMST1201; BIOL1107; CHEM1127Q; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HIST1502; MATH1131Q; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3177; STAT1100Q; BIOL1108; MATH1132Q; NRE1000E; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3178
Fishers Island School AMST1201; ENGL1011; HIST1400; MARN1003; SPAN3178; SPAN3179
Robert E. Fitch Senior High School ENGL1004; ENGL1010; ENGL1011
Franklin Academy MARN1002; MATH1131Q; POLS1202; POLS1402; STAT1100Q; MATH1132Q
Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts ART1030; DMD1000; ENGL1010; ENGL1011
Classical Magnet School CAMS3102; PHIL1101; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1202Q
Glastonbury High School CAMS1103; CAMS3102; CHIN1114; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; FREN3250; HDFS1070; MATH1030Q; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; FREN3268; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3179
E. C. Goodwin Technical High School HIST1501; HIST1502; PHYS1201Q
Granby Memorial High School AMST1201; CHIN1114; ECON1000; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; FREN3250; HIST1501; SPAN3178; FREN3268; HIST1502; SPAN3179
Greenwich High School BIOL1107; ECON1201; HDFS1070; HIST1400; NRE1000E; POLS1602; BIOL1108; ECON1202; POLS1202
Griswold High School ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HDFS1070
Greenwich Academy CAMS3102
Grove School HIST1300; PHYS1201Q; HIST1400; PHYS1202Q
Guilford High School ECON1000; ECON1201; HIST1300; NRE1000E; ECON1202; HIST1400
Haddam-Killingworth High School FREN3250; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; SPAN3179; PHYS1202Q
William H. Hall High School BIOL1107; CHIN1114; ECON1202; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HIST1501; HRTS1007; MATH1030Q; MATH1131Q; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; STAT1100Q; BIOL1108; ECON1201; HIST1502; MATH1132Q; SPAN3179
Hamden High School STAT1100Q
Hartford Public High School ENGL1010; NRE1000E
New England Jewish Academy HIST1502; HRTS1007
James Hillhouse High School ENGL1004; ENGL1010; ENGL1011
Holy Cross High School ECON1000; ENGL1011
Housatonic Valley Regional High School ART1030; HIST1501; NRE1000E; POLS1402; POLS1602; HIST1502
High School in the Community ENGL1004; ENGL1011
Immaculate High School BIOL1107; DMD1000; HIST1501; HIST1502
Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy of Connecticut AH2001; ECON1201; ECON1202; NRE1000E; POLS1602; BIOL1107; MATH1132Q
John F. Kennedy High School AH1100; AMST1201; ILCS3239; NRE1000E; STAT1100Q
Joel Barlow Regional High School MATH1131Q; MATH1132Q
Jonathan Law High School CHEM1127Q; NRE1000E; CHEM1128Q
Joseph A. Foran High School CHEM1127Q; HIST1501; MATH1131Q; CHEM1128Q; HIST1502; MATH1132Q
W. F. Kaynor Technical High School AH2001; ENGL1011
Killingly High School CAMS3102; ENGL1010; MUSI1011; SPSS1110; SPSS2520; MUSI1012; SPSS3530
Kingswood Oxford School CAMS3102
Kolbe Cathedral High School FREN3250
Academy of Our Lady of Mercy Lauralton Hall BIOL1107; ECON1000; HIST1501; MUSI1011; NRE1000E; HIST1502
Ledyard High School ANSC1676; FREN3250; MARN1003; SPSS3530; SPSS1110
Lewis S. Mills High School CHIN1114; FREN3250; SPAN3178; SPAN3179
Lyman Hall High School AH2001; ANSC1676; ENGL1011; FREN3268; MATH1131Q; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; STAT1100Q; FREN3250; MATH1132Q; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3179
Lyman Memorial High School ANSC1602; HRTS1007; SPSS2520; ANSC1676
Lyme-Old Lyme High School ART1030; BIOL1108; CAMS3102; CHIN1114; ENGL1011; FREN3250; FREN3268; MUSI1001; MUSI1011; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3178; SPAN3179
Francis T. Maloney High School ECON1201; MUSI1011; SPAN3177; SPAN3179; STAT1100Q; ECON1202; MUSI1012
Manchester High School AH2001; AMST1201; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; HIST1501; HRTS1007; MATH1030Q; MATH1131Q; SPAN3178; STAT1100Q; HIST1502; LLAS1190
Mark T. Sheehan High School AH2001; ENGL1011; FREN3268; HIST1501; MATH1131Q; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; STAT1100Q; FREN3250; HIST1502; MATH1132Q; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3179
Marine Science Magnet High School of Southeastern Connecticut AMST1201; ENGL1004; ENGL1010; HIST1501; MARN1001; MARN1003; MAST1200; MATH1131Q; NRE1000E; SPAN3178; SPSS1110; HIST1502; SPAN3179; SPSS2520; SPSS3530
Masuk High School BIOL1107; ENGL1011; FREN3250; HIST1300; MATH1131Q; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3178; BIOL1108; FREN3268; HIST1400; SPAN3179
Academy of Science and Innovation BIOL1107; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; NRE1000E; SPSS3230; BIOL1108
Mercy High School HIST1501; SPAN3178; HIST1502; SPAN3179
Middletown High School ANSC1602; FREN3250; HIST1300; HIST1400; FREN3268
Miss Porter's School ENGL1010; ENGL1011; POLS1402; STAT1100Q; HRTS1007
Montville High School ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; HIST1502; SPAN3178; STAT1100Q; SPAN3179
Nathan Hale-Ray High School FREN3250; FREN3268; HDFS1070; ANSC1676
Naugatuck High School BIOL1107; CHEM1127Q; HIST1501; HRTS1007; BIOL1108; CHEM1128Q; HIST1502; MATH1030Q
North Branford High School ENGL1010; ENGL1011; AMST1201
New Britain High School ECON1202; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; FREN3250; FREN3268; HDFS1070; HIST1400; MUSI1011; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; STAT1100Q; MUSI1012; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3179
New Canaan High School CAMS3102; ECON1201; ENGL1010; FREN3268; HDFS1070; SPAN3178; STAT1100Q; ECON1202; FREN3250; SPAN3179
New Fairfield High School AMST1201; ENGL1011; FREN3250; FREN3268
Newington High School AH2001; BIOL1107; ENGL1011; HIST1400; HIST1501; ILCS3239; BIOL1108; HIST1502
New London High School ENGL1011
Newtown High School ILCS3239; SPAN3178; SPAN3179; ILCS3240
Nonnewaug High School ANSC1602; ANSC2251; BIOL1107; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1202Q; SPSS2520; STAT1100Q; BIOL1108
North Haven High School ILCS3239; SPAN3178
Norwalk High School ILCS3239; SPAN3177; SPAN3178; ILCS3240; SPAN3179
Norwich Free Academy ART1030; CHEM1127Q; CHIN1114; ECON1201; ENGL1011; FREN3250; HDFS1070; HIST1300; HIST1400; HIST1501; ILCS3239; MARN1003; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; STAT1100Q; CHEM1128Q; ECON1202; HIST1502; PHYS1202Q
Norwich Technical High School AH1100; AH2001; HIST1501
Notre Dame High School Fairfield ENGL1010; SPAN3178
Notre Dame High School West Haven BIOL1107; CAMS3102; ENGL1011; MATH1131Q; PHYS1401Q; SPAN3178; SPAN3179
Northwestern Regional High School BIOL1107; MUSI1011; NRE1000E; BIOL1108; MUSI1012
Emmett O'Brien Technical High School AH2001; HIST1502; PHYS1201Q
Old Saybrook High School FREN3250; MUSI1011; MUSI1012; PHYS1201Q; SOCI1001; PHYS1202Q
Oxford High School SPAN3178; SPAN3179
Parish Hill High School SPAN3178; SPAN3179
CREC Civic Leadership High School AH4092; STAT1100Q; AH2001; EDLR1162; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HRTS1007; POLS1402
Plainfield High School AMST1201; MATH1030Q
Plainville High School ART1030; BIOL1107; CE2110; CHEM1127Q; HIST1400; HIST1501; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; BIOL1108; CHEM1128Q; HIST1502; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3179
Orville H. Platt High School AH1100; AH2001; CHEM1127Q; ECON1201; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; MATH1131Q; MUSI1001; NRE1000E; SPAN3178; SPAN3179; STAT1100Q; CHEM1128Q; ECON1202; MATH1132Q
Platt Technical High School ENGL1011; HIST1501; HIST1502
Pomperaug Regional High School SPAN3178; SPAN3179
Portland High School ENGL1011; MUSI1011; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; MUSI1012; SPAN3179
A. I. Prince Technical High School AMST1201; ENGL1010; HIST1502
Putnam High School ECON1000; MATH1131Q
Quinebaug Middle College AMST1201; ENGL1004; STAT1100Q
RHAM High School CAMS3102; FREN3250; FREN3268; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1401Q; SPAN3178; SPAN3179
Ridgefield High School CAMS3102; CHIN1114; ECON1201; ENGL1011; FREN3250; HDFS1070; NRE1000E; SPAN3179; ECON1202
Rockville High School AMST1201; BIOL1107; DMD1000; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HIST1400; SPAN3178; SPSS2520; NRE1000E; SPAN3179
Rocky Hill High School BIOL1107; CAMS1103; CAMS3102; FREN3250; FREN3268; HDFS1070; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; BIOL1108; SPAN3179; SPSS1110
Science and Technology Magnet High School of Southeastern Connecticut BIOL1107; MATH1131Q; NRE1000E; BIOL1108; MATH1132Q
Sacred Heart Academy BIOL1107; CAMS3102; FREN3250; MATH1131Q; BIOL1108; MATH1030Q
Seymour High School AH2001; AH4092; ENGL1011
Shelton High School ECON1000; ECON1202; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; ECON1201; PHYS1202Q
Shepaug Valley School ECON1000; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HIST1300; HIST1400; MATH1131Q
Simsbury High School ART1030; ENGL1011; HDFS1070
Somers High School BIOL1108; ENGL1011; HIST1501; BIOL1107; HIST1502
Southington High School CAMS3102; ECON1000; ECON1201; FREN3250; HDFS1070; ILCS3239; LLAS1190; NRE1000E; SPAN3178; SPSS1110; SPSS1150; FREN3268; ILCS3240; SPAN3179; SPSS2520
Sport and Medical Sciences Academy BIOL1107; EDLR1162; ENGL1010; ENGL1004; ENGL1011
Stafford High School BIOL1107; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HIST1501; BIOL1108; HIST1502
Stamford High School BIOL1107; BIOL1108; CHEM1127Q; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; HIST1501; MUSI1011; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1401Q; SPAN3178; CHEM1128Q; HIST1502; MUSI1012
Staples High School DMD1000; FREN3250; GERM3233; HRTS1007; ILCS3239; NRE1000E; FREN3268; ILCS3240
Saint Joseph High School HIST1502; POLS1402; STAT1100Q
Stonington High School ART1030; BIOL1107; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HIST1400; HIST1501; SPAN3179; BIOL1108; HIST1502
Saint Paul Catholic High School PHYS1201Q; PHYS1202Q
Stratford High School ENGL1010; HIST1501; MUSI1011; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; HIST1502; MUSI1012
Suffield High School ANSC1602; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; NRE1000E; SPSS2520; SPSS3530
South Windsor High School CAMS3102; ECON1201; ENGL1011; HIST1400; MARN1003; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; ECON1202
Terryville High School ART1030
The Master's School ART1030; ENGL1004; POLS1602; ENGL1010
The Morgan School AH2001; ENGL1011; NRE1000E; STAT1100Q
Saint Thomas More School ECON1201; ECON1202
Thomaston High School ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HIST1501; PHYS1201Q; HIST1502
Tolland High School BIOL1107; CHEM1127Q; BIOL1108; CHEM1128Q
Torrington High School ENGL1011; FREN3250; HIST1400; HIST1501; ILCS3239; ILCS3240; MATH1131Q; SPAN3178; SPAN3179; HIST1502; MATH1132Q
Tourtellotte Memorial High School ENGL1011
Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy AH2001; BIOL1107; NRE1000E; SPAN3177
Trinity Catholic High School HIST1400; HIST1501; HIST1502
Trumbull High School ECON1201; HDFS1070; HIST1400; MATH1131Q; PHIL1101; PHYS1201Q; POLS1602; ECON1202; MATH1132Q; PHYS1202Q
Trumbull Regional Agriscience and Biotechnology Center ANSC1676; ANSC2251; SPSS1110; SPSS2520; SPSS3230; SPSS3240; SPSS2120
University High School of Science and Engineering AMST1201; CHEM1127Q; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HIST1501; MARN1002; CHEM1128Q; HIST1502
Valley Regional High School BIOL1107; ENGL1010; FREN3250; FREN3268; HIST1300; MUSI1012; SPAN3179; HIST1400; MUSI1011
Wamogo Regional High School ECON1000; ENGL1011; HIST1501; ANSC2251; HIST1502
Warren Harding High School ENGL1004; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HRTS1007; NRE1000E; AH2001
Waterbury Arts Magnet School ENGL1010; POLS1602
Waterford High School BIOL1107; CAMS3102; CHEM1127Q; HIST1400; MARN1003; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3177; SPAN3178; SPAN3179; BIOL1108; CHEM1128Q
Watertown High School MUSI1011; SPAN3178; SPAN3179; MUSI1012
Westbrook High School ENGL1011; HDFS1070; MUSI1001; MUSI1011; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3178; MUSI1012; SPAN3179
Wilbur Cross High School ENGL1004
West Haven High School ENGL1010
Westhill High School ANSC1602; ANSC1676; ECON1201; ECON1202; ENGL1010; HIST1400; HIST1501; MATH1131Q; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1401Q; STAT1100Q; HIST1502
Wethersfield High School DMD1000; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; HIST1501; SPAN3178; STAT1100Q; HIST1502; SPAN3179
Wheeler High School DMD1000; ENGL1011; FREN3250; HIST1502; MATH1131Q; SPAN3178; SPAN3179
Eli Whitney Technical High School BIOL1107; ENGL1004; ENGL1010; HIST1502
Wilby High School BIOL1107; PHYS1201Q
H. C. Wilcox Technical High School AH2001; ENGL1010
Wilton High School BIOL1108; DMD1000; ENGL1010; HDFS1070; HIST1400; HIST1501; PHYS1201Q; POLS1602; HIST1502
Windham High School BIOL1107; ECON1201; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; HIST1300; HIST1501; MATH1131Q; NRE1000E; BIOL1108; HIST1400; HIST1502; MATH1132Q
Windham Technical High School AH2001
Windsor High School ART1030; BIOL1107; CHEM1127Q; ECON1201; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; HIST1501; MATH1131Q; PHYS1201Q; BIOL1108; CHEM1128Q; ECON1202; HIST1502; MATH1132Q
Windsor Locks High School BIOL1107; ENGL1011
Wolcott High School AH2001; AMST1201; CE2110; CHEM1127Q; ENGL1011; HIST1502; MATH1131Q; PHIL1101; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; STAT1100Q; CHEM1128Q; FREN3268; MATH1132Q; PHYS1202Q
Oliver Wolcott Technical High School AH2001; ECON1000; EDLR1162; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; PHYS1201Q
Woodland Regional High School ENGL1011; HIST1501; ILCS3239; NRE1000E; DMD1000; HIST1502; MUSI1001
The Woodstock Academy BIOL1107; CAMS3102; CHEM1127Q; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; ILCS3240; MATH1131Q; MUSI1011; MUSI1012; NRE1000E; PHYS1401Q; POLS1402; SPAN3178; STAT1100Q; CHEM1128Q; HDFS1070; HRTS1007; ILCS3239; PHYS1402Q; SPAN3179
J. M. Wright Technical High School BIOL1108; DMD1000; HRTS1007
Westminster School LLAS1190; SPAN3178; SPAN3179
Waterbury Career Academy High School AH1100; AH2001; BIOL1107; CHEM1127Q; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; HIST1400; SOCI1001; CHEM1128Q
Xavier High School AH2001; BIOL1107; CAMS3102; ECON1000; ENGL1011; HIST1300; HIST1400; HIST1501; NRE1000E; SOCI1001; SPAN3177; STAT1100Q; BIOL1108; HIST1502
Woodland Regional High School ENGL 1011, HIST 1501, ILCS 3239, NRE 1000E, DMD 1000, HIST 1502, MUSI 1001
Woodstock Academy BIOL 1107, CAMS 3102, CHEM 1127Q, ENGL 1010, ENGL 1011, ILCS 3240, MATH 1131Q, MUSI 1011, MUSI 1012, NRE 1000E, PHYS 1401Q, POLS 1402, SPAN 3178, SPSS 3230, STAT 1100Q, ART 1030, CHEM 1128Q, HDFS 1070, HRTS 1007, ILCS 3239, PHYS 1402Q, SPAN 3179
Xavier High School AH 2001, BIOL 1107, CAMS 3102, ECON 1000, ENGL 1011, HIST 1300, HIST 1400, HIST 1501, NRE 1000E, SOCI 1001, SPAN 3177, STAT 1100Q, BIOL 1108, HIST 1502
Xavier High School AH 2001, BIOL 1107, CAMS 3102, ECON 1000, ENGL 1011, HIST 1300, HIST 1400, HIST 1501, NRE 1000E, SOCI 1001, SPAN 3177, STAT 1100Q, BIOL 1108, HIST 1502