2021-2022 Partner Schools

UConn ECE courses for the 2021-21 school year, as of Aug 2021. Please check with your school for updates and changes.

Partner list 2021-22

A. I. Prince Technical High School AMST1201; ENGL1010; HIST1502
Academy of Aerospace and Engineering BIOL1107; ENGL1004; ENGL1010; GSCI1051; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; SOCI1001; SPAN3178; BIOL1108; SPAN3179
Academy of Our Lady of Mercy BIOL1107; ECON1000; HIST1400; HIST1501; MUSI1011; NRE1000E; HIST1502
Academy of Science and Innovation BIOL1107; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; SPSS3230
Achievement First Amistad High School ENGL1010; ENGL1011; MATH1131Q; STAT1100Q; MATH1132Q
Amity Regional High School CHIN1114; FREN3250; SPAN3178; SPAN3179
Ansonia High School AH2001; ART1030; BIOL1107; CHEM1127Q; ENGL1011; HIST1501; MARN1002; PHYS1201Q; STAT1100Q; CHEM1128Q; HIST1502
Avon High School CAMS3102; CHEM1127Q; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; FREN3268; HIST1400; MATH1131Q; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1401Q; SPAN3178; SPAN3179; STAT1100Q; CHEM1128Q; MATH1030Q; MATH1132Q
Bacon Academy ENGL1011; MUSI1011; NRE1000E
Bais Yaakov of Waterbury High School AH4092; ENGL1010; ENGL1011
Bassick High School NRE1000E; SPAN3177
Berlin High School ART1030; BIOL1107; BIOL1108; CHEM1127Q; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; MATH1131Q; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; CHEM1128Q; MATH1132Q; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3179; STAT1100Q
Bethel High School ECON1000; ENGL1010; HDFS1070; HIST1400; MATH1030Q; MATH1131Q; MUSI1011; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1202Q; STAT1100Q; ART1030; MATH1132Q; MUSI1012
Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy AH2001; ECON1201; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HIST1502; MATH1131Q; NRE1000E; POLS1602; BIOL1107; MATH1132Q
Bloomfield High School AH2001; ANSC1676; HRTS1007; MUSI1011; MUSI1012; SPAN3178; SPSS1110; SPSS2520; ECON1000; SPAN3179; SPSS3530
Bolton High School ART1030; MATH1131Q; NRE1000E; STAT1100Q
Branford High School BIOL1107; CAMS3102; ENGL1011; HIST1300; LLAS1190; PHYS1201Q; BIOL1108; HIST1400; PHYS1202Q
Bridgeport Regional Aquaculture Science and Technology Center BIOL1107; CHEM1127Q; MARN1003; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; BIOL1108; CE2110
Brien McMahon High School AH2001; BIOL1107; FREN3250; HIST1501; ILCS3239; PHYS1201Q; FREN3268; HIST1502; ILCS3240
Bristol Central High School AH2001; CHEM1127Q; ILCS3239; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1401Q; AH1100; CHEM1128Q; ILCS3240; PHYS1202Q; PHYS1402Q
Bristol Eastern High School AH1100; AH2001; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1202Q
Brookfield High School BIOL1107; BIOL1108; ENGL1011; HIST1501; HRTS1007; HIST1502; MUSI1001
Bulkeley High School EDCI1100
Bullard Havens Technical High School AH2001; ENGL1011
Canton High School ENGL1011; HIST1501; MATH1131Q; SPAN3178; HIST1502; SPAN3179
Central High School CHEM1127Q; ENGL1004; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HIST1501; HIST1502; HRTS1007; NRE1000E; CHEM1128Q; MUSI1003
Cheshire High School ECON1000; ECON1202; ENGL1011; FREN3250; FREN3268; GERM3233; HDFS1070; HRTS1007; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1401Q; SPAN3178; PHYS1202Q
Christian Heritage School BIOL1107; CE2110; HIST1501; MUSI1011; PHIL1101; PHYS1201Q; BIOL1108; HIST1502; MUSI1012; PHYS1202Q
Classical Magnet School CAMS3102; PHIL1101
Coginchaug Regional High School ENGL1011; HIST1400; MARN1003
Conard High School BIOL1107; CHIN1114; ECON1202; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; FREN3268; HDFS1070; HRTS1007; HRTS2200; LLAS1190; MATH1030Q; MATH1131Q; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; STAT1100Q; BIOL1108; ECON1201; FREN3250; MATH1132Q; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3179
Coventry High School ART1030; ENGL1010; FREN3268; HIST1501; MATH1131Q; STAT1100Q; HIST1502
Cromwell High School FREN3250; HDFS1070; MATH1131Q; SPAN3179; STAT1100Q
Crosby High School BIOL1108; EDCI1100; ENGL1004; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HIST1300; HIST1502; HRTS1007; ILCS3239; ILCS3240; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; SOCI1001; STAT1100Q; EPSY1100; HIST1400; HRTS2200
Daniel Hand High School CHEM1127Q; CHIN1114; ENGL1011; HIST1400; HIST1501; MATH1030Q; MATH1131Q; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1401Q; SPAN3178; STAT1100Q; CHEM1128Q; HIST1502; MATH1132Q; PHYS1202Q; PHYS1402Q
Derby High School HIST1300; ILCS3239; ILCS3240
E. C. Goodwin Technical High School HIST1501; HIST1502
East Catholic High School HIST1400; MATH1131Q; PHYS1201Q; MATH1132Q
East Granby MATH1030Q
East Hampton High School ENGL1011; HDFS1070
East Haven High School ENGL1004; ENGL1011; STAT1100Q; HIST1400
East Lyme High School AH1100; AH2001; CE2110; ENGL1010; FREN3250; GERM3233; HDFS1070; MATH1131Q; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3178; FREN3268; GERM3255; MATH1132Q; SPAN3179
East Windsor High School ENGL1010
Edwin O. Smith High School ANSC1676; CAMS3102; CE2110; CHEM1127Q; ECON1201; ECON1202; ENGL1010; FREN3250; GERM3233; HDFS1070; HIST1300; HIST1501; HRTS1007; MATH1131Q; MUSI1011; NRE1000E; PHIL1101; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1401Q; SPAN3178; SPSS1100; SPSS1110; SPSS3230; STAT1100Q; ANSC1602; BIOL1108; CHEM1128Q; FREN3268; GERM3255; HIST1502; LLAS1190; MATH1030Q; MATH1132Q; MUSI1012; PHYS1202Q; PHYS1402Q; SPAN3179; SPSS2520
Eli Whitney Technical High School BIOL1107; ENGL1004; ENGL1010; HIST1501; HIST1502
Ellington High School AMST1201; ECON1201; ENGL1011; HIST1400; MATH1030Q; MATH1131Q; MUSI1001; PHYS1201Q; STAT1100Q
Emmett O'Brien Technical HS AH2001; PHYS1201Q
Enfield High School BIOL1107; CHEM1127Q; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; BIOL1108; CHEM1128Q
Engineering and Science University Magnet School ENGL1011; HIST1501; PHYS1201Q; HIST1502
Fairfield Ludlowe High School ENGL1011; HDFS1070; HIST1501; HIST1502
Fairfield Warde High School CAMS3102; ENGL1011; FREN3250; HDFS1070; HIST1400; HIST1501; MATH1131Q; NRE1000E; SPAN3178; FREN3268; HIST1502; MATH1132Q; SPAN3179
Farmington High School CAMS3102; EDCI1100; ENGL1010; EPSY1100
Fisher's Island School AMST1201; ENGL1011; HIST1400; MARN1003
Francis T. Maloney High School ECON1201; MUSI1011; SPAN3177; SPAN3179; STAT1100Q; ECON1202; MUSI1012
Frank Scott Bunnell High School AH1100; BIOL1107; ENGL1011; FREN3250; HDFS1070; HIST1501; MATH1131Q; MUSI1011; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1202Q; PHYS1401Q; STAT1100Q; AH2001; BIOL1108; HIST1502; MUSI1012
Franklin Academy ENGL1010; MATH1030Q; MATH1131Q; POLS1202; POLS1402
Glastonbury High School ART1030; CAMS1103; CAMS3102; CHIN1114; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; MATH1030Q; MUSI1011; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; MUSI1012; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3179
Granby Memorial High School AMST1201; CHIN1114; ECON1000; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; FREN3250; HIST1501; SPAN3178; FREN3268; HIST1502; SPAN3179
Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts ENGL1010; ENGL1011; MUSI1003
Greenwich Country Day School CHIN1114
Greenwich High School BIOL1107; ECON1201; HDFS1070; HIST1400; NRE1000E; POLS1602; BIOL1108; ECON1202; POLS1202
Griswold High School BIOL1107; BIOL1108; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; PHYS1201Q
Grove School HIST1300; LLAS1190; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3177; SPAN3179; HIST1400; PHYS1202Q
Guilford High School ECON1000; ECON1201; HIST1300; NRE1000E; ECON1202; HIST1400
H. C. Wilcox Technical High School AH1100; AH2001; ENGL1010
Haddam-Killingworth High School FREN3250; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; PHYS1202Q
Hamden High School STAT1100Q
Hartford Public High School ENGL1010; HIST1502; POLS1402
Harvard H. Ellis Technical High School ECON1000
High School in the Community ENGL1004; ENGL1011
Housatonic Valley Regional High School ANSC2251; ART1030; HIST1501; NRE1000E; POLS1402; HIST1502; POLS1602
Immaculate High School BIOL1107; ECON1202; HIST1400; HIST1501; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1401Q; HIST1502; PHYS1402Q
J. M. Wright Technical High School AH1100; AH2001; BIOL1108; EDLR1162
John F. Kennedy High School AH1100; AH2001; AMST1201; EDCI1100; ILCS3239; NRE1000E; SPAN3177; STAT1100Q; EPSY1100
Jonathan Law High School CHEM1127Q; NRE1000E; CHEM1128Q
Joseph A. Foran High School CHEM1127Q; HIST1501; MATH1131Q; CHEM1128Q; HIST1502; MATH1132Q
Killingly High School ANSC1676; CAMS3102; ENGL1010; MUSI1011; SPSS1110; SPSS2520; MUSI1012; SPSS3530
Kingswood Oxford School CAMS3102
Kolbe Cathedral High School FREN3250
Ledyard High School ANSC1676; FREN3250; MARN1003; SPSS2520; SPSS3530; ANSC1602
Lewis S. Mills High School FREN3250; SPAN3178; SPAN3179
Lyman Hall High School AH2001; ANSC1676; ENGL1011; FREN3268; MATH1131Q; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; STAT1100Q; FREN3250; MATH1132Q; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3179
Lyman Memorial High School ANSC1602; HRTS1007; SPSS2520; ANSC1676; SPSS1110; SPSS3530
Lyme-Old Lyme High School ART1030; BIOL1108; CAMS3102; CHIN1114; ENGL1011; FREN3250; FREN3268; MUSI1001; MUSI1011; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3178; SPAN3179
Manchester High School AH1100; AH2001; AMST1201; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; HIST1501; HRTS1007; MATH1030Q; SPAN3178; HIST1502; HRTS2200; LLAS1190
Marine Science Magnet High School of Southeastern Connecticut AMST1201; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HIST1501; MARN1001E; MARN1003; MAST1200; MATH1131Q; NRE1000E; SPAN3178; SPSS1110; HIST1502; SPAN3179; SPSS2520; SPSS3530
Mark T. Sheehan High School ENGL1011; FREN3268; HIST1501; MATH1131Q; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; STAT1100Q; FREN3250; HIST1502; MATH1132Q; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3179
Masuk High School BIOL1107; ENGL1011; HIST1300; MATH1131Q; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3178; BIOL1108; HIST1400; SPAN3179
Mercy High School HIST1400; HIST1501; POLS1602; SPAN3178; HIST1502; SPAN3179
Middletown High School ANSC1602; ENGL1011; FREN3250; HIST1300; FREN3268; HIST1400
Miss Porter's School CHIN1114; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HRTS1007; POLS1402; STAT1100Q
Montville High School BIOL1107; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; SPAN3178; STAT1100Q; SPAN3179
Nathan Hale-Ray High School ANSC1676; FREN3250; FREN3268; MUSI1001; PHIL1101
Naugatuck High School BIOL1107; EDLR1162; HIST1501; HRTS1007; HRTS2200; BIOL1108; HIST1502; MATH1030Q
New Britain High School AH2001; CHEM1127Q; ECON1202; ENGL1010; FREN3250; FREN3268; HIST1400; MUSI1011; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; STAT1100Q; CHEM1128Q; MUSI1012; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3179
New Canaan High School CAMS3102; ECON1201; ENGL1010; FREN3268; HDFS1070; SPAN3178; STAT1100Q; ECON1202; FREN3250; SPAN3179
New England Jewish Academy HIST1502; HRTS1007
New Fairfield High School AMST1201; BIOL1107; PHYS1201Q; AH1100; AH2001; BIOL1108
New London High School BIOL1107; ENGL1011; GSCI1051; MATH1131Q; NRE1000E; MATH1132Q
Newington High School AH2001; BIOL1107; CAMS3102; ENGL1011; HIST1400; HIST1501; ILCS3239; SPAN3178; BIOL1108; HIST1502; ILCS3240; SPAN3179
Newtown High School ILCS3239; SPAN3178; SPAN3179; ILCS3240
Nonnewaug High School ANSC1676; ANSC2251; BIOL1107; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3178; SPSS2520; STAT1100Q; SPAN3179
North Branford High School AMST1201; ENGL1010
North Haven High School ILCS3239; SPAN3178
Northwestern Regional High School BIOL1107; ECON1201; ILCS3239; SPAN3178; BIOL1108; ECON1202; ILCS3240; SPAN3179
Norwalk High School BIOL1107; SPAN3177; SPSS3230; BIOL1108; SPAN3178; SPAN3179
Norwich Free Academy ART1030; CAMS3102; CHEM1127Q; CHIN1114; ECON1201; ENGL1011; FREN3250; HDFS1070; HIST1300; HIST1400; HIST1501; ILCS3239; MARN1003; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; STAT1100Q; CHEM1128Q; ECON1202; HIST1502; PHYS1202Q
Norwich Technical High School AH1100; BIOL1107; HIST1501; BIOL1108
Notre Dame High School - Fairfield ENGL1010; SPAN3178
Notre Dame High School - West Haven BIOL1107; CAMS3102; ENGL1011; PHYS1401Q; SPAN3178; SPAN3179
Old Saybrook High School MUSI1001; MUSI1011; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; SOCI1001; MUSI1012
Oliver Wolcott Technical High School AH2001; EDLR1162; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; PHYS1201Q
Orville H. Platt High School AH1100; AH2001; CHEM1127Q; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; MATH1131Q; MUSI1001; NRE1000E; SPAN3178; SPAN3179; STAT1100Q; CHEM1128Q; MATH1132Q
Oxford High School ILCS3239; SPAN3178; ILCS3240; SPAN3179
Parish Hill High School SPAN3178; SPAN3179
Pathways Academy of Technology and Design ANTH1000; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HIST1502; NRE1000E
Plainfield High School AMST1201; MARN1001E; MATH1030Q; NRE1000E; AH2001
Plainville High School ART1030; BIOL1107; CE2110; HIST1400; HIST1501; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; BIOL1108; HIST1502; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3179
Platt Technical High School ENGL1004; ENGL1011; HIST1501; HIST1502
Pomperaug Regional High School SPAN3178; SPAN3179
Portland High School ENGL1011; MUSI1011; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; MUSI1012; SPAN3179
Public Safety Academy STAT1100Q; EDLR1162; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HRTS1007; POLS1402
Putnam High School ANTH1000; ECON1000; MATH1131Q; STAT1100Q
Quinebaug Middle College AMST1201; HRTS1007; MAST1200; POLS1602; STAT1100Q
RHAM High School AH1100; AH2001; AH4092; ART1030; CAMS3102; ENGL1010; FREN3250; FREN3268; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1401Q; SPAN3178; SPAN3179
Ridgefield High School CAMS1103; CAMS3102; CHIN1114; ECON1201; ENGL1011; FREN3250; GSCI1051; HDFS1070; NRE1000E; SPAN3179; ECON1202
Robert E. Fitch Senior High School ENGL1004; ENGL1010; ENGL1011
Rockville High School AH1100; AMST1201; ANSC1676; BIOL1107; ENGL1010; HIST1400; MATH1030Q; SPAN3178; SPSS2520; NRE1000E; SPAN3179; SPSS1110
Rocky Hill High School BIOL1107; CAMS1103; CAMS3102; CHEM1127Q; FREN3250; FREN3268; HDFS1070; LLAS1190; MATH1030Q; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; BIOL1108; CHEM1128Q; SPAN3179; SPSS1110
Sacred Heart Academy BIOL1107; MATH1131Q; BIOL1108; MATH1030Q
Saint Joseph High School HIST1502; MATH1131Q; POLS1402; STAT1100Q; MATH1132Q
Saint Paul Catholic High School PHYS1201Q; PHYS1202Q
Saint Thomas More School ECON1201; ECON1202
Seymour High School AH1100; AH2001; AH4092; ENGL1011; STAT1100Q
Shelton High School ECON1000; ECON1202; ENGL1010; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; ECON1201; PHYS1202Q
Shepaug Valley High School ANSC1676; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HIST1300; HIST1400; MATH1131Q; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; ECON1000
Simsbury High School ART1030; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; LLAS1190
Somers High School BIOL1108; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HIST1501; BIOL1107; HIST1502
South Windsor High School AH1100; AH2001; CAMS1103; CAMS3102; ECON1201; ENGL1011; HIST1400; MARN1003; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; ECON1202
Southington High School AH2001; CAMS3102; ECON1000; ECON1202; FREN3268; HDFS1070; ILCS3239; LLAS1190; NRE1000E; SPAN3178; SPSS1110; SPSS1150; FREN3250; ILCS3240; SPAN3179; SPSS2520
Sport and Medical Sciences Academy BIOL1107; EDLR1162; ENGL1010; ENGL1004; ENGL1011
Stafford High School ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HIST1501; HIST1502
Stamford High School BIOL1107; CHEM1127Q; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; HIST1501; MUSI1003; MUSI1011; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1401Q; BIOL1108; CHEM1128Q; HIST1502; MUSI1012
Staples High School FREN3250; GERM3233; HRTS1007; ILCS3239; FREN3268; GERM3255; ILCS3240
Stonington High School ART1030; BIOL1107; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; SPAN3179; BIOL1108
Stratford High School AH1100; ENGL1010; HDFS1070; HIST1501; MUSI1011; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3178; SPAN3179; STAT1100Q; AH2001; HIST1502; MUSI1012
Suffield High School ANSC1602; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; NRE1000E; SPSS2520; SPSS3530
Terryville High School ART1030
The Interdistrict Science Magnet Schools at the Fairchild Wheeler Campus AMST1201; BIOL1107; CHEM1127Q; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HIST1502; MATH1131Q; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1401Q; SPAN3178; STAT1100Q; BIOL1108; CHIN1114; MATH1132Q; PHYS1202Q; PHYS1402Q; SPAN3179
The Master's School ART1030; BIOL1107; ENGL1004; ENGL1010
The Morgan School AH2001; NRE1000E; STAT1100Q
The Spire School POLS1602; STAT1100Q
The Woodstock Academy BIOL1107; CAMS3102; CHEM1127Q; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; ILCS3239; MATH1131Q; NRE1000E; POLS1402; SPAN3178; SPSS3230; STAT1100Q; ART1030; CHEM1128Q; HDFS1070; HRTS2200; ILCS3240; MUSI1011; MUSI1012; PHYS1401Q; SPAN3179
Thomaston High School BIOL1107; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HIST1300; HIST1501; PHYS1201Q; HIST1400; HIST1502; POLS1602
Tolland High School BIOL1107; NRE1000E; BIOL1108; SPAN3179
Torrington High School ENGL1011; FREN3250; HIST1300; HIST1501; ILCS3239; ILCS3240; MATH1131Q; SPAN3178; SPAN3179; HIST1400; HIST1502; MATH1132Q; PHIL1101
Trumbull High School ECON1201; HDFS1070; HIST1400; MATH1131Q; MATH2110Q; POLS1602; ECON1202; MATH1132Q; PHIL1101
Trumbull Regional Agriscience and Biotechnology ANSC1602; ANSC1676; ANSC2251; SPSS1110; SPSS2520; SPSS3230; SPSS3245; SPSS2120; SPSS3530
University School of Science and Engineering AMST1201; BIOL1108; CHEM1127Q; ENGL1011; HIST1501; MARN1002; CHEM1128Q; HIST1502
Valley Regional High School BIOL1107; ENGL1010; FREN3250; FREN3268; HIST1300; MUSI1012; SPAN3179; HIST1400; MUSI1011
W. F. Kaynor Technical High School ENGL1011
Wamogo Regional High School ANSC1602; ECON1000; ENGL1011; HIST1501; ANSC1676; ANSC2251; HIST1502
Waterbury Arts Magnet School AH2001; ENGL1010; MUSI1003; NRE1000E; POLS1602; EPSY1100; MATH1030Q
Waterbury Career Academy High School AH1100; AH2001; AH4092; BIOL1107; CHEM1127Q; EDCI1100; ENGL1004; ENGL1011; EPSY1100; HDFS1070; HIST1300; MATH1131Q; CHEM1128Q; HIST1400; MATH1030Q
Waterford High School BIOL1107; CHEM1127Q; ENGL1011; HIST1400; MARN1003; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3177; SPAN3178; SPAN3179; BIOL1108; CHEM1128Q
Watertown High School MUSI1011; SPAN3178; SPAN3179; MUSI1012
West Haven High School ENGL1010
Westbrook High School ENGL1011; FREN3250; MUSI1001; MUSI1011; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1202Q; SPAN3178; FREN3268; MUSI1012; SPAN3179
Westhill High School ANSC1602; ANSC1676; ECON1201; ECON1202; ENGL1010; HIST1400; HIST1501; MATH1131Q; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1401Q; STAT1100Q; HIST1502; MATH1132Q
Westminister School LLAS1190; SPAN3178; SPAN3179
Wethersfield High School ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; HIST1501; SPAN3178; HIST1502; SPAN3179
Wheeler High School ENGL1011; SPAN3178; SPAN3179
Wilbur Cross High School ENGL1004; ENGL1010
Wilby High School ILCS3239; PHYS1201Q
William H. Hall High School BIOL1107; CHIN1114; ECON1202; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HIST1501; MATH1030Q; MATH1131Q; MATH2110Q; NRE1000E; PHYS1201Q; SPAN3178; STAT1100Q; BIOL1108; ECON1201; HIST1502; MATH1132Q; SPAN3179
Wilton High School BIOL1108; ENGL1010; GERM3233; HDFS1070; HIST1400; HIST1501; PHYS1201Q; POLS1602; SPAN3179; GERM3255; HIST1502
Windham High School BIOL1107; ECON1201; ENGL1010; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; HIST1300; HIST1501; MATH1131Q; SPSS3230; AH2001; BIOL1108; ECON1202; HIST1400; HIST1502; MATH1132Q
Windham Technical High School AH1100; AH2001; HIST1502
Windsor High School ART1030; BIOL1107; CHEM1127Q; ECON1201; ENGL1011; HDFS1070; HIST1501; MATH1131Q; PHYS1201Q; PHYS1202Q; POLS1602; BIOL1108; CHEM1128Q; ECON1202; HIST1502; MATH1132Q
Windsor Locks High School BIOL1107; ENGL1011
Wolcott High School AH2001; AMST1201; CE2110; CHEM1127Q; ENGL1011; HIST1502; PHIL1101; PHYS1201Q; STAT1100Q; CHEM1128Q; FREN3268; PHYS1202Q
Woodland Regional High School ENGL1011; HIST1501; ILCS3239; MUSI1001; NRE1000E; HIST1502; MUSI1003
Xavier High School AH2001; BIOL1107; CAMS3102; ECON1000; ENGL1011; HIST1300; HIST1400; HIST1501; NRE1000E; SOCI1001; SPAN3177; STAT1100Q; BIOL1108; HIST1502