Student & Parent FAQ

Are the UConn ECE classes taught at my high school UConn courses or high school courses?

Both! Courses taken through Early College Experience are college courses--not an AP class, a college-level class, or a college-prep class. Courses are regularly monitored for comparability to on-campus UConn classes through syllabus collection, review of student work, classroom observations, annual professional development of Instructors, and frequent contact with UConn Faculty Coordinators. Any courses offered through UConn Early College Experience are college courses which you will possess on your UConn transcript for the entirety of your academic career and post-academic future.

How do AP and UConn ECE differ?

AP courses are run through CollegeBoard, and students are granted credit based on one test at the end of the year. UConn ECE courses are grades throughout the school year and are run through the University of Connecticut. Both AP and UConn credit cannot be used together to earn more credits for the same course. For a full comparison, check out our UConn ECE and AP differences PDF.

How do I view my grade(s) for my UConn course(s)?

When your UConn course has concluded, your grades will be posted on the Student Administration System. Your Fall course grades will be available by February 15, and your Full-Year and Spring course grades will be available by July 1. For a step by step guide please visit the View Your Grades tutorial on the Student Administration System webpage.

Why are my UConn grade and my high school grade different?

UConn grades can differ from your high school grades due to the fact that the UConn ECE grade does not take into account grades like class participation. Differences in grades should be outlined in the syllabus for the course.

What can I do if I receive a grade lower than I expected in an ECE course?

As of Fall 2019, students will be graded on an A-F letter scale, and all final grades will be on your official UConn transcript, listed on the non-degree portion.  Students who receive a D- or higher will receive credit for the course. Students who receive an F, I (Incomplete), WAU (Withdrawal Audit), or W (Withdrawal) will not receive credit for the course.

  • If you attend UConn, you need to meet with an academic advisor to decide one of two options: (1) elect to move your earned UConn ECE credit to the degree portion of your official UConn transcript (which means that you accept the credit) or (2) leave the credit on the non-degree portion (meaning you reject the credit). The deadline to accept or reject your UConn ECE credits is typically at the end of the first semester on campus, depending on the college in which you are enrolled. In most colleges within UConn, if you do not meet with an academic advisor and make a choice, the credit is automatically moved to your official UConn transcript. Once a decision has been made to accept or reject your credits, or they are automatically accepted, the decision/action is irreversible. Note: Credits on the degree portion of your official UConn transcript are counted towards your GPA and your credit total towards graduating. Credits on the non-degree portion are not included in your GPA or credit total towards graduating, but they will appear on your official UConn transcript under your non-degree career.
  • If you attend a different college or university, you will need to discuss the transferability of your UConn credits with an advisor. Typically grades below a C do not transfer, and grades of a C or higher transfer as a “T” which carries no GPA or grade.

For more information about grading visit our Grading policy.

If my college/university does not accept my UConn transfer credits, can I get a refund?

While a refund is not possible, as you were an enrolled student who completed a class, understand that credit and the educational experience are yours forever. You do not need to attend UConn for your credits to successfully transfer. If you decide to attend a different college or university, you may be able to transfer your credits to that institution. If you should leave college for some reason, the work you completed at UConn will always be listed on your UConn transcript. Whatever your situation, the coursework you took from UConn is yours and cannot be taken away from you.

Are all colleges and universities obligated to recognize my UConn credit hours?

Credit recognition remains the exclusive right of the institution granting it. Policies vary concerning transfer credit. These policies may be changed from year to year and may be applied differently from student to student. Our Credit Transfer Database (which is updated regularly) will be a helpful tool to utilize as you begin the process of transferring your UConn ECE credits. Many factors may effect the decision to accept transfer credit. In most cases, colleges will will accept courses that are comparable to courses at their institution and in which the grade of a C or better is earned.

How do I transfer my UConn credits to another university/college?

For a step by step guide on how to view your grades, please review the Credit Transfer Information page.

How do I get my credits to be recognized at UConn?

As a UConn ECE Student coming to any UConn campus for your undergraduate career, you will automatically have all your non-degree work (Pending Classes) from UConn ECE noted on the non-degree portion of your official UConn transcript, BUT you must meet with you advisor to accept (or reject) your credits. Visit our Coming to UConn page for more information.

The Bursar’s Office is asking me for my PeopleSoft number. Is it the same as my Net ID?

Your PeopleSoft number is another name for your Student ID. It is a 7-digit number unique to each student (ex. 1234567). This differs from your NetID. Your NetID is your login username for the student administration system. This ID is a 3 letter-5 numbered ID (ex. abc12345).

To retrieve your Student ID, head to Forgot Your Student ID or NetID page on the Office of the Bursar website.

I attended a UConn class at my high school and completed all of the complimentary work, but did not enroll. Can I pay for the class now and receive credit?

The University of Connecticut does not allow retroactive credit. Students who do not register online by the posted registration deadlines will not be eligible to receive UConn credit.

Why does the University keep contacting me about an incorrect social security number?

During the application process, students are able to omit their social security number if they do not wish to provide it. However, federal tax laws require the University to request taxpayer identification numbers to prepare necessary IRS forms. If a student fails to provide his/her social security number, or if the social security number provided is incorrect, the University will periodically email the student reminding them to fill out a W-9S form. Providing a social security number is not necessary, and if a student wishes to stop receiving emails, they can indicate so on the bottom of the W-9S form.

Can I pay for my classes when I am filling out my application?

No. Course consent and payment requests (if payment is applicable) are e-mailed directly to the parent/guardian listed in the student application upon (1) successful submission and (2) high school approval of the student registration request. Parent/Guardian consent and payment are requested via e-mail per course request.

What happens if I do not pay my bill?

You will not be eligible for UConn credit and registration requests will be canceled if balances go unpaid after the specified deadline in the consent and payment e-mail. You can view the status of your registration request and payment by viewing your profile at and can request a consent and payment e-mail be resent if necessary.

What are some past experiences with UConn ECE?

Read experiences about UConn ECE from past students, parents, instructors and high school faculty on our UConn ECE Community Reviews page. UConn ECE Community Reviews

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I need to change the contact information for myself or my parent/guardian in my account. How can I update this information?

You can log into your Profile at and edit your contact information as well as your parent/guardian contact information. Messages that have previously been sent will not resend automatically, but you can request within your profile for any correspondence to be resent.