Fall 2023 UConn ECE Marine Science Workshop

Fall 2023 UConn ECE Marine Science Workshop

On Friday, October 13th, UConn Early College Experience, and the UConn ECE Faculty Coordinator for Marine Science, Prof. Claudia Koerting met with certified MARN Instructors for their annual professional development workshop. The purpose of the day’s workshop was to familiarize teachers with both old and new equipment used to sample and analyze water quality and to make connections among faculty new to the ECE program and veteran Instructors.

The group of 13 ECE Instructors set out on a boat and enjoyed the scenery while becoming acquainted. They gathered at the Sabino dock to board the “Mystic Seaport Express” captained by Liz Sistare (UConn ’13), Waterfront Operations Supervisor. Participating instructors represented 5 of Connecticut’s counties.

The breezy but sunny day began with a trip through the Mystic Drawbridge. After passing the railroad bridge they found a site by channel marker 30 in the Mystic River to make their first set of measurements using instruments that measure salinity, oxygen, and temperature. They deployed a water sampler to retrieve water samples near the bottom and used a simple bucket for surface water samples. They performed two plankton tows and brought those samples back for microscopic evaluation. Two more sites were chosen: one nearer to the mouth of the river and the other closer to the outflow for the treatment plant. Water samples were returned with the group to the seaport sailing center where they tested for chlorophyll content using a fluorometer and performed a light/dark experiment with water from two sites. Conversations were held about how these samples could inform scientists and regulators about policy guiding water use in the river. Comparisons were drawn with boat trips teachers have made all along the Connecticut shoreline.

After lunch at the sailing center the group ran their analysis, looked at the plankton tow and compared oxygen uptake in the light/dark bottle experiment. The day ended with Instructors learning a new method, learning a new instrument, or walking away with new connections and ideas.

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Fall 2022 UConn ECE Marine Sciences Workshop

Fall2022 UConn ECE Maritime Studies Workshop

On Friday, October 28th , UConn Early College Experience, and the UConn ECE Faculty Coordinator for Marine Science, Claudia Koerting met with ECE certified MARN Instructors for their annual professional development conference.

Teachers were treated to a presentation by Dr. Zosia Baumann, assistant research professor with Marine Sciences on an oyster rehabilitation project on the Quinnipiac River. Dr. Baumann is seeking further funding to expand the program to Southeastern Connecticut and engage secondary school students. Her presentation demonstrated outreach and engagement with students from the Sound School and their teacher Chuck Mulligan.

Karen Moré Director of Research Compliance-Animal Research & Safety, UConn spoke about regulations on using animals in UConn courses. They discussed good practices that can be introduced to the high school students when working with vertebrates and were provided with CT NERRS information and what having a National Estuarine Research Reserve System ( means for local educators.

Later the teachers were introduced to our newest marine sciences professor, Assistant Professor Cara Manning, who also teaches introduction to oceanography. They were invited to collaborate with Professor Manning and her graduate student on future projects. Professor Manning also directed teachers to her website where past publications and the data are available for students to work with.

Finally, Dr. Koerting shared some information from post doctoral fellow Dr. Jessie Turner who works with Professor Heidi Dierrsen on ocean optics. Dr. Turner has developed a low cost, DIY reflectance sensor that teachers and their students can construct themselves.

In between presentations the group chatted about several topics specific to high school students, administrations, expectations, grading, and more.

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Fall 2021 UConn ECE Marine Sciences Workshop

Fall 2021 UConn ECE Marine Sciences Workshop

On Wednesday, October 20th UConn Early College Experience, UConn’s Marine Sciences Department and the UConn ECE Faculty Coordinator for Marine Sciences, Claudia Koerting met with certified MARN Instructors for their professional development workshop.

The group had a discussion on syllabi and course comparability in these COVID educational times focusing on assessments and grading. Later they discussed Sea Grant Updates and Dept. of Marine Sciences faculty met with the group to discuss proposals for working with the high schools. To end the day, Instructors shared additional resources, ideas, new instructional formats, and types of demonstrations--especially ones they have had success with these past 18 months.


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Spring 2021 UConn ECE Marine Sciences Workshop

Spring 2021 UConn ECE Marine Sciences Workshop

On Tuesday, March 30thUConn Early College Experience and UConn ECE Faculty Coordinator for Marine Sciences, Claudia Koerting, met with ECE Marine Sciences Instructors for their annual professional development conference.

The group met to discuss the positives and negatives of teaching during COVID-19 and their shared ideas for projects at home and virtually. Later, the group discussed the book “Soul of an Octopus “, by Sy Montgomery which they received  in advance of the workshop day to discuss with UConn Faculty panel:

  • Jamie Kleinman, Assoc. Professor in Residence of Psychology at UConn Avery Point
  • Patti Brown, Adjunct Faculty at UConn Avery Point. Patti was a high school teacher at Fitch and has her master’s from UConn in oceanography and has experience teaching heartfulness/meditation
  • Karen Dobley Adjunct Professor at UConn Avery Point whose expertise is in animal behavior and ecology.









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Marine Sciences Professional Development Workshop

On Wednesday, October 23rd, UConn Early College Experience and UConn's Marine Sciences Department hosted their annual professional development training.  This year the group met at the Credabel Coral Lab in New London for the day.  In the morning they heard from Michael Gerdes and ECE Faculty Coordinator for Marine Sciences, Claudia Koerting about coral lab research and high school student projects.  Later, there was a discussion about MARN 1001 and 1002 syllabi and content including the new "E" (Environmental Literacy) course designation.

In the afternoon, the teachers discussed the  UConn Avery Point Cardboard Boat Race and how they use this event (ex. building cardboard boats to race) as a teaching tool.  Lastly, Prof. Koerting discussed the Marine Science Symposium held each spring and encouraged more participation for 2020.

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