Fall 2021 UConn ECE American Studies, Maritime Studies and U.S. History Workshop

Fall 2021 UConn ECE American Studies, Maritime Studies and U.S. History Workshop

On Tuesday, September 14th   UConn Early College Experience and the UConn ECE Faculty Coordinators for U.S. History, American Studies and Maritime Studies met with certified Instructors for their professional development workshop. The theme of this year’s workshop was “Integrating Asian American Perspectives into the Teaching of History, AMST and MAST: Methods to Lesson Plans to Assessments”.

Dr. Jason Chang gave the keynote presentation: “A Transdisciplinary Voyage into The History of Racial Indenture in the 19th Century Coolie Trade”. After the keynote and a short break, the group reconvened to discuss their favorite assignments and assessments and for discipline specific conversations with the ECE Faculty Coordinator for U.S. History, Dr. Matthew McKenzie and ECE Faculty Coordinator for American Studies and Maritime Studies, Laurie Wolfley.

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Spring 2021 UConn ECE Maritime Studies Workshop

Spring 2021 UConn Early College Experience Maritime Studies Workshop


On Wednesday, January 13th UConn Early College Experience and UConn ECE Faculty Coordinator for Maritime Studies Laurie Wolfley met with ECE Maritime Studies Instructors for their annual professional development conference.

Also in attendance were UConn faculty members, Mary K Bercaw Edwards, Syma Ebbin and Nathaniel Trumbull. ECE Instructors and UConn Faculty enjoyed a group enjoyed conversation about how they are teaching their courses in remote and hybrid settings.

Later, Mary K Bercaw Edwards and Craig Edwards shared an interdisciplinary workshop on “Rudyard Kipling’s Captains Courageous” complete with live and prerecorded musical performances of period music played and sang by Craig on multiple instruments including guitar, fiddle, mandolin, accordion and banjo. After a short break, Syma Ebbin shared her talk “Climate Change: Impacts and Solutions” with the group and a short Q&A period occurred.

UConn Maritime Studies courses offered through UConn ECE.

American Studies and Maritime Studies Professional Development Workshop

On Thursday, November 14th, UConn Early College Experience and the American Studies and Maritime Studies departments invited all certified UConn ECE AMST and MAST instructors to campus for their professional development workshop. The theme was:

Integrating Visual Arts in the Interdisciplinary Classroom

Special Guest Speakers:

  • Jeanne Ciravolo, Adjunct Faculty, UConn discussing Contemporary Art
  • Betsy Athens, Assistant Professor Art and Art History, UConn spoke about Winslow Homer’s Art
  • Amanda Douberley, Art Museum Registrar, Benton Museum of Art, provided a tour of the museum and work with the instructors at three stations.
  1. Winslow Homer wood engravings
  2. Martin Johnson Heade painting in the permanent collection gallery as the basis for a close looking exercise (The painting can be used to teach several American Studies topics – Civil War, the sublime in American landscape painting, and environment/land use.)
  3. Drawing after Thoreau

Many thanks to Faculty Coordinators Matthew McKenzie and Laurie Wolfley for coordinating the speakers and museum visit for the day.

    UConn American Studies and Maritime Studies classes offered through UConn ECE.