American Studies

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AMST 1201: Introduction to American Studies

Three credits ($150). Offered Fall, Spring, or Full-year.

What is an American? A multi-disciplinary inquiry into the diversity of American societies and cultures.

Eligibility Guidelines: Successful completion of two years of high school history and two years of high school English are recommended.

Instructor Certification Requirements:

The minimum requirement for certification in American Studies are a Master’s Degree in American Studies or a related Master’s Degree from an accredited university and graduate-level training in both English and History. Applicants should have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies; however, applicants with a Master’s Degree in either English or History will be considered if in their coursework they took American Studies specific seminars, either in content or methods.

This course may be team taught between a History and English instructor, where each have at least bachelor and some graduate level training within their respective majors. Individual instructors with significant documented experience in teaching American Studies content may, under certain circumstances, also receive provisional certification within a mentoring program.

Instructor Resources:

AMST 1201 Sample Syllabus.pdf