Fall 2020 UConn ECE Sociology Workshop

Fall 2020 UConn Early College Experience Sociology Workshop

On Wednesday, November 18th UConn Early College Experience and UConn ECE Faculty Coordinator for Sociology. Prof. Mary Bernstein met with ECE Sociology Instructors for their annual professional development conference.

Prior to the meeting the group read "Homeroom Security: School Discipline in an Age of Fear" by Aaron Kupchik. The morning was spent discussing their teaching environments and school security.

UConn Sociology courses offered through UConn ECE.

Sociology Professional Development Workshop

On Wednesday, November 20th, UConn Early College Experience and the Sociology Department invited all certified SOCI 1001 instructors to campus for their professional development workshop. The theme was:

Teaching, Researching, and Publishing Sociology in a Global World

There was a panel discussion on publishing international (global, comparative) research by Andrew Deener, Editor Qualitative Sociology  and David Weakliem, Editor Comparative Sociology. Later Professors Phoebe Godfrey and Darrell Irwin spoke to the group about incorporating international perspectives into teaching sociology courses.  After lunch there was a second panel discussion with Professors, Manisha Desai, Bandana Purkayastha, and Fumilayo Showers.

Many thanks to UConn ECE Sociology Faculty Coordinator Mary Bernstein for coordinating for planning the day.

    UConn Sociology classes offered through UConn ECE.