SOCI 1001: Introduction to Sociology

Three credits ($150). Offered Fall, Spring, or Full-year.

Modern society and its social organization, institutions, communities, groups, and social roles: the socialization of individuals, family, gender, race and ethnicity, religion, social class, crime and deviance, population, cities, political economy, and social change.

Eligibility Guidelines: Successful completion of at least one year of a high school history or social studies course or instructor consent is recommended.

Instructor Certification Requirements:

The preferred requirement for instructors wishing to teach Early College Experience Sociology courses is a Master’s degree in Sociology.  Applicants with a Bachelor’s in Sociology or a related social science field (such as, but not limited to, Political Science, Human Rights, or Anthropology), and three graduate courses in Sociology may also be considered. Successful candidates who do not have a Master’s in Sociology must have also earned a Master’s degree in Education or a related field.

Instructor Resources:

SOCI 1001 Sample Syllabus (PDF)