Fall 2023 UConn ECE English Conference

Fall 2023 UConn ECE English Conference

On Friday, October 6th, UConn Early College Experience, and the UConn ECE Faculty Coordinator for English, Profs. Scott Campbell and Jason Courtmanche, and GA Adam McLain met with certified ECE English Instructors at this professional development conference.

The theme was “Salutations, Congratulations, and Critiques”

The conference built on the work of Deonna Smith on joy and the anti-racist classroom, Gholdy Muhammad on cultivating genius and unearthing joy, and Felicia Rose Chavez on the anti-racist writing workshop in a series of workshops that brought together the community of ECE English teachers to share in the delights and failings of giving feedback.

For additional details see: https://ece.english.uconn.edu/fall-2023-conference/.


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