Spring 2021 UConn ECE HDFS Workshop

Spring 2021 UConn ECE HDFS Workshop

On Tuesday, May 11th  UConn Early College Experience and the UConn ECE Faculty Coordinator for Human Development and Family Sciences, Associate Professor Shannon Weaver met with certified HDFS  Instructors for their spring professional development workshop.

The group started with a celebration of past year successes and later broke into small groups to review and discuss course objectives and course topic additions. Later in the day Dr. Weaver gave the keynote presentation:

“"Revisiting the Theories Used to Structure the Course: Systems Theories"

Shannon E Weaver, Ph.D., Faculty Coordinator, HDFS 1070 ECE Program, UConn Associate Professor, Dept of Human Development & Family Sciences, UConn


To end the day there was a final breakout session where textbooks. desired resources and the future of fieldwork was discussed.


UConn HDFS courses offered through Early College Experience.

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