Spring 2021 UConn ECE Music Workshop

Spring 2021 UConn ECE Music Workshop

On Tuesday, May 25th  UConn Early College Experience and Faculty from UConn's Music Department, Blake Taylor, Dr. Eric Rice and Dr. Daniel Goldberg  met with certified Music Instructors for their annual professional development workshop.

The group started the day with a round table discussion about teaching ear training during the pandemic. Topics discussed included how the courses ran at UConn, how the courses ran in the high schools and what new resources were used due to the remote nature of the courses this year. Later in the morning, Prof. Daniel Goldberg, UConn Assistant Professor in Residence shared a presentation and discussed ear training and how to help struggling students in the course move forward.

UConn Music courses offered through Early College Experience.

Music Professional Development Workshop

On Thursday, November 2st UConn Early College Experience and the Music Department invited all certified Music Instructors to campus for their professional development workshop.

The group started their day with a class visit to Prof. Eric Rice's Music History class after which he spoke to the Instructors about Early Music in the High School Curriculum and gave an engaging lecture on musical modes and how to teach the concept to students.  Later, ECE Faculty Coordinator, Glenn Stanley, chaired a Seminar on J.S. Bach's  Cantata BWV 140 “Wachet auf ruft uns die Stimme.” During lunch, UConn Music Professors Cara Bernhard (music education), Daniel Goldberg (music theory), and Alain Frogley (music history) joined the conversation.

Many thanks to UConn ECE Music Faculty Coordinator Glenn Stanley, and the Faculty from the Music department for spending their day and sharing their knowledge with UConn Early College Experience Instructors.

    UConn Music classes offered through UConn ECE.