Spring 2024 UConn ECE Earth Science Workshop

Spring 2024 UConn ECE Earth Science Workshop

On Monday, February 26th UConn Early College Experience, and the UConn ECE Faculty Coordinator from Earth Science Prof. Thorson met with a group of three UConn ECE certified Earth Science Instructors for a professional development workshop. Instructors discussed Using Stone Walls for Teaching Earth Science ECE Courses.

Historic fieldstone walls are usually within easy reach of most schools and can be used for field trips or local visits enhancing ERTH 1051: Earth's Dynamic Environment and 1000E: The Human Epoch courses. The workshop provided instructors with a summary of the history of the general phenomenon and a description of the commonalities and differences of stone walls. The days discussion provided teachers with ways to enhance their teaching of ERTH 1051 and ERTH 1000E.

For more about stone walls and Thor's research please see "New England Stone Walls Deserve a Science of Their Own" from a recent UConn Today post and his work with theUConn's Stone Wall Initiative.


UConn ERTH courses offered through ECE.

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