Spring 2023 UConn ECE French Workshop

Spring 2023 UConn ECE French Workshop

On Friday, May 5th Early College Experience French Instructors participated in their annual professional development workshop. The day included the following sessions:

Podcasts in French: UConn ECE Faculty Coordinator for French, Professor Florence Marsal, spoke to teachers about different podcasts in French, and brainstormed ideas for activities in the classroom. Examples of interesting podcasts: « L’Heure du Monde », « une vie une œuvre », « French voices », « pile ».

Multimedia Medievalisms, Elisabeth Buzay, Visiting Assistant Professor in French: Elisabeth talked contemporary adaptations of medieval stories in a variety of media, and how they can be integrated into the second language classroom.

“La laïcité” Mary Beth Allen, Visiting Assistant Professor in French: Mary Beth talked about the concepts of secularism and multiculturalism in France.

“Booktube”, Nada Elshabrawy,Teaching Assistant - Graduate Student in French: Nada talked about the differences between Booktube channels in the US and in France, common topics found on Booktube, and how to employ Booktube/Booktok techniques in the French language classroom.  

Participants also received e-copies of “La bande dessinée” by Annie Baron-Carvais, and “Le Multiculturalisme” by Patrick Savidan.

UConn French courses offered through Early College Experience.

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