Credit Transfer

Why do I need a UConn transcript?

A transcript is the most important piece of evidence of your college work. UConn Early College Experience students are considered non-degree students at the University of Connecticut and have an official University transcript indicating their coursework. A transcript can be sent with your admissions package when you are applying to colleges and allows you to be a more competitive candidate. Once you have made your choice, a transcript must be sent to your institution in order to transfer credit. The majority of students who have taken University of Connecticut courses through UConn Early College Experience have successfully transferred their UConn credits to the college or university of their choice. UConn Early College Experience credits are usually treated like regular transfer credits. Students do not need to attend the University of Connecticut to have their courses recognized. While the University of Connecticut cannot guarantee course recognition on behalf of another University, it strives to make the transfer of credits from one institution to another as simple as possible. UConn Early College Experience credits transfer at about 87% according to a 2013 study of concurrent enrollment credit transfer conducted by the Research & Development team in the Office of Early College Programs. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with the institution of their choice regarding the transferability of credit.

Students must receive a grade of C or above in any UConn Early College Experience course to receive course credit. A grade of C- or below will automatically convert to an audit on a student transcript. Students do not receive credit for audited courses. Please note: You may notice that your high school grade and UConn grade differ. It is possible that two different grades are awarded for the same course. Your high school grade is determined by your high school while your UConn course grade is determined by the grading rubric set by the University department.


UConn Early College Experience recommends following these important steps to increased credit transfer success:

  1. Save syllabi. Colleges and universities might request a copy of your course syllabus to assure that the course was comparable to the one taught on their campus. If you have not saved your syllabus, you can contact the UConn ECE office to see if we have in on file (available since 2014). 
  2. Contact colleges and universities directly. If you already know the institution you  plan to attend you should contact them directly to see where transcripts should be sent and the transfer credits they accept.
  3. Search the Credit Transfer Database for your college of choice. We have mined the policies of hundreds of universities and colleges and evaluated the transfer success rate.
  4. Wait until your course is completed to request your transcript. One of the most valuable pieces of a transcript is the grade. Make sure grades have been posted before requesting a transcript be sent to another institution.
  5. Request a UConn transcript. You are responsible for requesting your UConn transcript be sent to a different institution. UConn ECE recommends requesting an additional transcript for your own records. 
  6. Speak to college administration. If your credit was not automatically transferred when a transcript was provided, do not give up. You should speak to your academic advisors or faculty to see if there is any more information that needs to be provided in order to  have the credit recognized.
  7. Contact UConn Early College Experience in case of a problem. If a college is requesting program or course details that a student cannot provide, we can help. 


UConn Early College Experience Credit Transfer Database

The UConn Early College Experience Credit Transfer Database is designed to be a resource to identify potential credit transfer. It is in no way an official determination nor a guarantee of successful credit transfer. All students wishing to transfer credit must have an official credit transfer evaluation performed by the receiving post-secondary institution. All information contained within this database reflects policy interpretations made in 2013 and is subject to change at any time and without notice. To be absolutely sure about the credit transfer policy of your receiving institution, contact that college or university directly.

Transcript Requests

Transcripts are free of cost and you may send as many as you need. The fastest way to obtain your official transcript is by requesting it through the Student Administration System. This option is only available to current students and former students who matriculated after 2002. For any students who matriculated prior to 2002, please submit the Transcript Request Form. For complete information about UConn transcripts, please visit the Office of the Registrar.

Before you request a transcript, be sure to have the recipient's address at hand. You might have to call your college or university to get that information. To use the Student Administration System, you will need an active NetID and password. If you do not know your NetID or have forgotten your password, visit

How to request a transcript

To request an official transcript through the Student Administration System, please take a look at this tutorial or follow these steps:

  1. After logging in to navigate to Request Official Transcripts by clicking Main Menu, Self Service and then Student Center.
  2. From the Student Center, select the My Academics link.
  3. Next to the Transcript header, click Request official transcript.
    Note: Students with a hold on their record will be unable to request official transcripts. If a hold is present, click the link for details about the hold so steps can be taken to remove it.
  4. Next, select your processing options which include: quantity, recipient address and address type.
  5. When finished, click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen.
  6. A confirmation page displays. Make note of the Request # for future reference.

You will not be able to request a transcript:

  • By phone
  • If you have a hold on your account (call us at 860.486.1045 to find out more about your hold)

It is recommended you print a copy of your transcript for your records. You can view instructions on how to get an unofficial transcript.

If you want to check whether your transcript was sent, please call the UConn Registrar at 860.486.3331.

Coming to UConn?

UConn ECE students coming to any UConn campus for undergraduate studies do not need to order a UConn transcript. All of your non-degree work (called Pending Courses) from ECE will appear in the non-degree portion of your academic record. UConn students need to meet with an academic advisor in order to elect to move the credit to the degree portion of the academic record or to reject the ECE credit. Policies about which grades transfer and deadlines vary by schools, please check the policies before you make the choice. The deadline is usually at the end of the first semester on campus. If you do not make a choice, the credit is automatically moved in most schools. The choice to move or not to move, and force an automatic move, is irreversible.

If you have credit from other Connecticut institutions, you can check how that credit will transfer at the Transfer Course Equivalencies From CT Institutions portal.

Students use the UConn Non-degree Decisions portal to make the selection.