Technology Resources

UConn Google Workspace (Google Apps)
Set up and utilize your UConn Google Workspace which includes Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar. Once you set up your official e-mail address, you may use it to sign up for a variety of educational discounts. Please be aware that we send updates, digests, welcome letters, billing reminders, and evaluation correspondence to the e-mail address you provided in your UConn ECE application, but some University correspondence is sent to your UConn e-mail.

UConn AnyWare Software
As a UConn ECE Student you have access to University-licensed software from any device with a network connection. This includes free download of Microsoft Office and Windows for home use. You will need your NetID and password to access any software.

UConn WebEx Web Conferencing 
As a UConn ECE Student, you have access to WebEx, an online conferencing tool you can use anywhere you have internet access on your computer. You can meet with others and share data, presentations, and online demonstrations.

The University of Connecticut provides an online learning management system called HuskyCT. This allows UConn ECE Students access to a class-specific website customized by the Instructor. Your Instructor will inform you if they will be utilizing this tool within their course.