REGISTRATION DATES: September 16, 2024 – October 16, 2024

For Fall, Spring, and Full-year courses

Registration Steps

To register for UConn courses taught at your high school through the UConn Early College Experience Program you must complete the following steps:

  1. Go to to create a personalized login or Login to your existing account if you are a returning student. As the Student, be sure to provide your e-mail address and cell phone number so that we can confirm your account. Save your login and password for future use.
  2. Complete the application. Double check the application form to ensure the accuracy of all the information you have provided.  Be prepared with your Social Security Number, parent/guardian contact information, and UConn course list. RETURNING STUDENTS must review and confirm application data and complete required fields cleared for annual verification.
  3. Select your course(s). On the course selection screen, use the navigation tools to see the course options that are available through your high school.  Pay careful attention to the course titles and instructor names to make sure you are selecting the appropriate course(s). Some courses are offered in combination with another UConn course at your high school. Check your UConn course list to be sure you are enrolled in all UConn courses you are taking at your high school. 
  4. Confirm your course selection(s). You, as the Student, are done!

Now your registration request will be sent to your high school Site Representative for approval, and then your parent/guardian for consent and payment (if payment is applicable).

Registration Status

You will be notified of your registration status by e-mail or text message throughout the process. Steps that you must complete as the Student and the status of your application will be highlighted in yellow in your Profile in

Failed Registration

Should you receive an email regarding enrollment failure, please contact the UConn Early College Experience Office to resolve the issue. Students who do not meet the requirements will not be eligible to participate in the program. 

Add or Drop

You may log into your account between September 16, 2024 – October 16, 2024 to ADD an additional UConn course or to DROP a course if your schedule has changed. A spring
course adjustment period will open on February 3rd to 7th.

Parent/ Guardian Approval

Parents/Guardians are required to approve each course individually via the e-mail/text messages they receive. If you need to add an e-mail address or cell phone number to your parent/guardian’s information, log in to your profile, add the necessary information and select the consent and payment request to be resent.