While high school students are the obvious beneficiaries of UConn Early College Experience, UConn ECE Instructors are the core of the program. University departments certify highly qualified high school teachers as UConn ECE Instructors, allowing them to teach specific UConn courses at the high school. The role of the UConn ECE Program Office and the UConn ECE Faculty Coordinators is to support UConn ECE Instructors by offering excellent professional development opportunities, supporting course instruction, and verifying course comparability.

Teach the UConn course while adhering to the standards set by NACEP

“UConn ECE has provided our students a unique opportunity to challenge themselves with college course work. Every year, students return to tell our staff how well-prepared they are after participating. There is no better testimony for the success of this program.”


The most important responsibility a UConn ECE Instructor has is to teach the UConn course while adhering to the standards set by NACEP and the University’s discipline-specific academic department. Instructors need to be committed to:

  • Support two-way communication with the UConn ECE Program Office and the Faculty Coordinator by reading all information and responding to inquiries in a timely manner.
  • Observe program deadlines and policies including the administration of examinations and the online grading process through the University’s Student Administration System. Policies may vary across disciplines so we ask that you contact the Faculty Coordinator to review these policies.
  • Review and understand all policies found in the Policies & Procedures Guide.
  • Seek and create a college environment in the UConn ECE classroom.
  • Utilizing appropriate UConn electronic resources, such as library databases and the University’s password-protected course management tool, HuskyCT (Blackboard).
  • Maintain certification by attending a minimum of one discipline-specific UConn ECE workshop every two years.
  • Verify class rosters and enter course grades online using the University’s Student Administration System.
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UConn ECE partners with approximately 189 high schools across Connecticut and on Fisher’s Island, NY. In many ways, our partner schools are like regional UConn campuses. The high school principal, instructors, and media specialists work with the Site Representative to create an early college experience within their schools.


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