Request a Transcript


  • Processed within 2-3 business days
  • Available as hard copy only
  • Printed on security paper with signature of Registrar
  • Those sent directly to student are stamped “Issued to Student in Sealed Envelope” (Some colleges/ universities will not accept transcripts that have not been sent directly to them.)

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  • Available immediately
  • Available as PDF, fax, or hard copy
  • Printed on plain paper
  • Do not have college seal or Registrar’s signature

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You do not need to order a UConn transcript, but you do need to meet with an academic advisor.

All requests for transcripts must be submitted through the Student Administration System (unless you participated in ECE prior to 2002). Transcripts are not sent automatically and cannot be requested over the phone.

Transcripts are free of charge.

Before submitting a transcript request:

  • Be sure all of your grades are posted on your transcript.
  • Have the recipient’s address at hand. You may need to call your college or university to find out where an official UConn transcript should be sent.

To submit a transcript request:

Log in to the Student Administration System with your UConn NetID and password. To find your NetID or to reset your NetID password visit the NetID website.

  1. Click Self Service in the left most menu, then click Student Center.
  2. Click My Academics
  3. Next to the Transcript header, click Request official transcript.

Note: Students with a hold on their record will be unable to request official UConn transcripts. If a hold is present, click the link for details about the hold so steps can be taken to remove it. For questions, call the UConn ECE Program Office at 860.486.1045.

  1. Select your processing options which include: quantity, recipient address and address type.
  2. When finished, click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen.

A confirmation page displays. Make note of the Request Number for future reference.

We recommend printing a copy of your transcript for your records.

To check the status of your transcript request, contact the UConn Registrar’s Office at 860.486.3331.

Coming to UConn?

You do not need to order a UConn transcript, but you do need to meet with an academic advisor.

As a UConn ECE Student coming to any UConn campus for your undergraduate career, you will automatically have all your non-degree work (Pending Classes) from UConn ECE noted on the non-degree portion of your official UConn transcript.

As a UConn student, you need to meet with an academic advisor to decide one of two options: (1) elect to move your earned UConn ECE credit to the degree portion of your official undergraduate transcript (which means that you accept the credit) or (2) leave the credit on the non-degree portion (meaning you reject the credit). Be sure to check the Pending Class Rules and the department specific deadline before you make a decision about moving your credits.

The deadline to accept or reject your UConn ECE credits is typically at the end of the first semester on campus, depending on the college in which you are enrolled. In most colleges within UConn, if you do not meet with an academic advisor and make a choice, the credit is automatically moved to your official undergraduate transcript.

Once a decision has been made to accept or reject your credits, or they are automatically accepted, the decision/action is irreversible.

Note: Credits on the degree portion of your official undergraduate transcript are counted towards your GPA and your credit total towards graduating. Credits on the non-degree portion are not included in your GPA or credit total towards graduating, but they will appear on your official UConn transcript under your Non-degree Career.

Visit UConn Non-Degree Decisions for additional information, deadlines, and to determine whether you need to take action.

If you have credit from other Connecticut institutions, you can check how that credit will transfer in the Transfer Course Equivalencies From CT Institutions portal.

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