Student Benefits

As a UConn Early College Experience Student, you are part of the University of Connecticut community.

UConn ECE is your opportunity as a high school student to take UConn courses in the comfort of your own high school classroom. You will take college courses in a familiar setting, earn high school and college credit at the same time, and pay a fraction of the cost it would be to take the same courses on a college campus. By taking UConn courses through UConn ECE, you will officially start your college career and be considered a non-degree student.

You could graduate high school with:

  • Exposure to college material in a familiar environment.
  • An understanding of a university’s academic requirements.
  • College credits from a top-20 public university, which make you a competitive applicant when applying to college.
  • An official UConn transcript, verifying highly transferable college courses and credits.
  • The potential for over a semester’s worth of college credits.
  • Significant financial savings in paying for college.
  • A head start in a chosen field of study and/or a head start on completing courses that are typical general education requirements necessary for future college graduation.
  • A belief in your ability to succeed in college courses.

You could enter college with:

  • A “cushion” of credits that may provide you with more freedom to explore your interests when deciding on a major or minor.
  • A solid academic base in college-level studies.
  • The flexibility to study abroad, volunteer, and/or intern with a reduced course schedule due to the accumulation of credits through UConn ECE.
  • A head start on graduating in four years–saving time and money.
  • A network of UConn ECE Alumni.

UConn credits are a currency that allows you greater opportunities once you are in college. Your Early College Experience prepares you academically and culturally for the world of higher education that awaits you.