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Parent/Guardian Step-by-Step Consent & Payment Guide

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)

Once a student is enrolled in University of Connecticut courses, they are considered a UConn Student and their education and financial records are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). For purposes of compliance with FERPA, the University considers all students, regardless of age or tax dependency status, to be independent. As a result, with only limited exceptions, we will need your UConn ECE Student’s documented permission in order for us to communicate with you. To better understand how this law impacts you and your student, please visit the FERPA website.

Even with the constraints of FERPA, UConn offers several options for parents to communicate with us on their student’s behalf. As a parent/guardian you may become a FERPA Designee, an Authorized User, and/or be granted Delegate Access.


As a parent or guardian, in order for us to speak with you about your student’s education records, your student must designate you as a FERPA Designee. Your student assigns you a 4-digit pin that you are required to provide to a University representative when requesting information.


As a parent or guardian, in order for you to see certain portions of your student’s educational records, your student can assign you as their Delegate in the Student Administration System. Delegated Access allows you, as the parent, to have your own login to access their records without having to call on your student’s behalf or use their personal login information.


As a parent or guardian of a UConn ECE Student, your student has consented in their application to UConn ECE sharing their UConn ECE fee bill with you for the purpose of payment when applicable.

Course consent and payment requests (if payment is applicable) are e-mailed directly to the parent/guardian listed in the student application upon (1) successful submission and (2) high school approval of the student registration request. Parent/Guardian consent and payment are requested via e-mail per course request and are due upon receipt of the e-mailed request.

We hope these tools allow you to help monitor your student’s account as they transition into their post high school careers.

To Set Up Parent/Guardian Access


Assign designee such as parent for communicationAssign delegate such as parent for access


Discuss student information with University officialsView certain educational records

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