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Why do I need a UConn transcript?

A transcript is the most important piece of evidence of your college work. UConn ECE Students are considered non-degree students at the University of Connecticut and have an official UConn transcript indicating their coursework. A transcript can be sent with your admissions package when you are applying to colleges and allows you to be a more competitive candidate. Once you have made your choice, a transcript must be sent to your institution in order to transfer credit. If you are coming to UConn, you do not need to request a transcript.

UConn Early College Experience credits successfully transfer to other colleges and universities at a rate of 87%. You do not need to attend UConn to have your courses recognized.

While we cannot guarantee course recognition on behalf of another college or university, we strive to make the transfer of credits from one institution to another as simple as possible.

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Recommendations for successful credit transfer

  1. Save syllabi. Colleges and universities might request a copy of your course syllabus to assure course comparability. Hold onto a copy for your records. If you do not have a copy, contact the UConn ECE Program Office for a copy (archived since 2014).
  2. Check your grades. One of the most valuable pieces of a transcript is the grade. Make sure grades have been posted in the Student Administration System (SAS) before requesting your UConn transcript to be sent to another institution. Grades for Fall semester courses will be posted by February 15 and grades for Full-year and Spring semester courses will be posted by July 1. How to check grades is available in the Student Guide.
  3. Explore our Credit Transfer Database. Investigate the likelihood of your UConn credits transferring to your university of choice.
  4. Review your new college/ university’s transfer credit policy. Links to policies can be found in our Credit Transfer Database. If you are unsure, contact them directly to see where transcripts should be sent and whether UConn transfer credits are accepted
  5. Request a transcript. You are responsible for requesting your UConn transcript be sent to a different institution. How to request a transcript is available on our Request a Transcript page.
  6. Speak to a college advisor. If your course was not automatically transferred when a transcript was provided, do not give up! Advocate for yourself with your academic advisor or even the department head to see if there is more information that needs to be provided in order to have the credit recognized.
  7. Contact UConn ECE Program Office. If a college is requesting program or course details that you cannot provide, let us know. We’re here to help!

There are many ways that universities recognize courses. Courses may be fully transferable into a program of study or you may be granted an exemption from taking a similar course. Grades of C or higher generally transfer as a S (Satisfactory) or T (for Transfer). Lower grades do not transfer and thus do not affect your GPA or credit count. Courses may be used towards fulfillment of a prerequisite, allowing you to take more advanced courses as a first year student.

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Credit Transfer Database

UConn Early College Experience has constructed the largest transfer credit database in the country which details transfer credit policies of about 950 major universities.

Credit Transfer Database

The UConn ECE Credit Transfer Database is designed to be a resource to identify potential credit transfer. It is in no way an official determination nor a guarantee of successful credit transfer. All students wishing to transfer credit must have an official credit transfer evaluation performed by the receiving post-secondary institution. All information contained within this database reflects policy interpretations made in 2018 and is subject to change at any time and without notice. To be absolutely sure about the credit transfer policy of your receiving institution, contact that college or university directly.

Each institution has its own policy for transferring concurrent enrollment credit. Procedures, requirements, and deadlines vary greatly from institution to institution. Policies may even differ between disciplines at the same college. Your UConn credit will be reviewed by your institution after you have applied and/or have been matriculated. You will be required to submit an official UConn transcript and perhaps meet with an advisor or show your course syllabus to your new college to see how your UConn credit could be applied to your new degree. You can request a UConn transcript on our Request a Transcript page.