As a UConn ECE Student, you receive a University NetID which allows you full access and lending privileges at all UConn libraries, as well as access to a suite of technology resources such as…

UConn Libraries

As a UConn ECE Student you have access to the largest public research collection in the state both physically at any campus location or through online resources. You can use the UConn Library to find full text scholarly resources for research needs, as well as many self-help research tools and guides. The Library has Research Guides, including a guide for ECE Students, to explore as well.

Q Center

UConn ECE Students enrolled in a quantitative intensive (Q) course have access to the University of Connecticut’s Qualitative Learning Center (Q Center) located on the University Storrs and Stamford campuses. The Q Center welcomes students for peer tutoring, review sessions, and to create innovative learning tools. Supported UConn ECE courses: MATH1131Q, MATH1132Q, CHEM1127Q, CHEM1128Q, PHYS1201Q, PHYS1202Q, PHYS1401Q, PHYS1402Q, STAT1100Q

W Center

As a UConn ECE Student you have access to the University of Connecticut Writing Center (W Center). Students should seek out their high school librarian in regards to a local high school Writing Center to visit for help.

The Major Experience (TME) Mentors

TME Mentors are current UConn students from the various majors at the University. They use their own experiences to give you an idea of what it is like to be a student in their program. For example, if you are interested in sociology and want information on what the major is like, who better to contact than a current sociology major? Contact with a TME Mentor. You can also explore different majors with the following tools: Major Elimination, Major Profiles, Major Exploration Groups

AAC Workshops (Academic Achievement Center)

Any student can walk into the AAC In-House Workshops (UConn Storrs) to attend a workshop taught by AAC Undergraduate Academic Coaches. Workshops run Monday through Thursday at either 4:00pm or 7:00pm and focus on skills such as prioritization, Microsoft Excel basics, and test taking strategies. Additional Resources are available on time management, note taking, strategies for deeper learning, exam preparation, and GPA calculators.