Between August 17, 2022 – October 6, 2022

Between August 17, 2022 – October 6, 2022 you may drop a UConn course at UConn.DualEnroll.com for Fall, Spring, and Full-year courses, and paid program fees will be refunded. All drops after October 6 will be processed as withdrawals and fees will not be refunded.


To withdraw after October 6, 2022

Courses not dropped in UConn.DualEnroll.com by October 6 require a Withdrawal request to be submitted. Program fees for courses dropped after October 6 are non-refundable.

Students must complete a Withdrawal request by December 12 for Fall courses and May 1 for Spring and Full-year courses. Students cannot withdraw from a course after the posted deadlines. Students do not earn credit for withdrawn courses, nor will the course impact a Student’s grade point average (GPA). If a Student does not complete a Withdrawal request by the posted deadline, the Instructor will calculate the Student’s grade according to the grading rubric applied to all Students in the course, averaging zeros for all work not submitted.