FREN: 3250: Global Culture I

Course Description:
Intense study of oral French. Learning of oral techniques of communication in conjunction with weekly topics of conversation associated with various francophone cultures. Rigorous and active oral practice through dialogues, interviews, round tables, and oral reports.

Semester offered: Fall or Full-Year.


 FREN 3268: Grammar and Composition

Course Description:
Three credits. Recommended preparation: Three years of high school French or instructor consent. Advanced study of French texts and extensive written practice in a variety of forms ranging from compositions, essays, summaries and film reviews.

Semester offered: Spring of Full-Year.

Student Eligibility Guidelines for FREN 3250 & 3268:

Successful completion of three full years of high school French or instructor consent is required.

Instructor Certification Requirements: 

The minimum degree requirement for instructors wishing to teach UConn ECE French courses is a Master's of Arts degree in French; however, a candidate with Master's in Education with a sufficiently strong French background may be considered. A candidate with a strong French background has either taken graduate courses in French or has been educated (K through 12)  in a Francophone country. Candidates will be interviewed by the French faculty coordinator before certification is granted.

Instructor Resources:

FREN 3250 Sample Syllabus
FREN 3268 Sample Syllabus