Computer Science and Engineering

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CSE 1010: Introduction to Computing for Engineers

Three credits ($150). Offered Fall, Spring, or Full-year.

Introduction to computing logic, algorithmic thinking, computing processes, a programming language and computing environment. Knowledge obtained in this course enables use of the computer as an instrument to solve computing problems. Representative problems from science, mathematics, and engineering will be solved.

Eligibility Guidelines: Instructor consent is required.

Instructor Certification Requirements:

The preferred requirement for instructors wishing to teach UConn ECE Computer Science is a Master’s degree in computer sciences, or a Master’s in a related field with appropriate level undergraduate computer science background.  A candidate with a Master’s in Education and an appropriate computer science background and relevant computer science teaching experience may be considered.

All candidates will be required to attend a CSE Professional Development Summer Workshop hosted by UConn to obtain ECE instructor status. 

Instructor Resources:

CSE 1010 Sample Syllabus (PDF)