Allied Health

Explore the UConn Allied Health Sciences website for departmental information. Course descriptions below correspond to the UConn undergraduate course catalog.

AH 1100: Introduction to Allied Health Professions

One credit ($50). Offered Fall or Spring.

Overview of health professions, team approach to health care delivery.

Eligibility Guidelines: Instructor consent is required.

AH 2001: Medical Terminology

Two credits ($100). Offered Fall, Spring or Full-year.

Introduction and mastery of medical terminology through presentation of word roots, prefixes and suffixes. Disease processes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments that affect various body systems. Terminology associated with disease processes, symptoms, diagnosis, clinical procedures, laboratory tests, and treatments that affect various body systems.

Eligibility Guidelines: Student must have successfully completed or be enrolled concurrently in high school biology. Instructor consent is required.

AH 4092: EMT Training

Four credits ($200). Offered Full-year.

Instruction in basic life support skills, treatment of bleeding control and shock recognition, care for trauma victims, medical emergencies. Supervised practice experience and hands-on instruction of theory. Includes a 10-hour observation experience outside of classroom instruction. Meets the performance requirements of the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) certification exam. Students must first register for Hospital’s EMT training program (separate Hospital program costs apply).

Eligibility Guidelines: Successful completion of high school biology and chemistry, and instructor consent, is required.

Instructor Certification Requirements:

The minimum degree requirement for instructors wishing to teach UConn ECE Allied Health courses can be met by either of the following options:

Option 1: Instructor should have a Health Science BS major or minor (however, applicants with a MS in a Health Science major will be considered); or

Option 2: Instructor will be certified to teach high school Chemistry or Biology. The first year of certification is provisional when the Department mentors the ECE instructor and oversees the implementation of the syllabus and instruction.

Other factors that contribute to certification include: prior teaching experience, work experiences in science/health related, and recommendations.

Certified instructors will work closely with the Allied Health Sciences Department to offer this class.
Regular assessments and a final examination will come from the Allied Health Sciences Department.
Additional assessments may be written by the ECE instructor and are approved by the Department.

Applicants for AH 2001 (Medical Terminology) should have documented coursework in the following areas: General Biology, General Chemistry, and Anatomy and Physiology (recommended).

Instructor Resources:

AH 1100 Sample Syllabus (PDF)
AH 2001 Sample Syllabus (PDF)
AH 4092 Sample Syllabus Student Agrmnt (PDF)