Understanding your Credits

Depending on the number of UConn credits a high school offers, students can potentially graduate high school with a semester or more worth of credits.

<15 credits   = a great head start!
  15 credits   = 1 semester
  30 credits   = 2 semesters (1 academic year)

*Refer to your high school schedule of courses or the UConn ECE Course Catalog to determine the credit value of each of your UConn courses.

Like most universities, UConn has General Education requirements, which assure a well-rounded academic experience. By referring to the General Education Requirements students can see which areas they will potentially complete before entering college. This will help you schedule your high school senior year and/or look at your college freshman orientation with an eye to next steps.

High schools can get a sense of their UConn course diversity. If you are looking to grow your program the General Education Requirements can indicate potential new areas of development to suit the needs of different students so that a greater variety of students can take advantage of an early college experience. Our courses are also important prerequisites and gateway courses which are the first steps to entering a major.

Referencing UConn's General Education Requirements allows everyone to view their next steps in a structured way.