Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)

This scholarship is intended to celebrate the academic achievement, creativity, and application of one’s UConn ECE experience in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

To be eligible applicants must:

  • Be a high school senior.
  • Demonstrate academic achievement and a potential for future academic and professional accomplishments in a field focusing on STEM.
  • Maintain at least a B or higher in your UConn ECE STEM course(s).
    • If a final grade has not been issued, a high school transcript will be assessed for course competency.
  • Be enrolled in at least one UConn ECE course during the 2023-2024 academic year (any discipline).
  • Previous completion of, or current enrollment in, at least one of the following UConn ECE STEM courses:


  • AH 1100: Introduction to Allied Health Professions
  • AH 2001: Medical Terminology
  • AH 4092: EMT Training
  • ANSC 1602: Behavior & Training of Domestic Animals
  • ANSC 1676: Introduction to Companion Animals
  • ANSC 2251: Horse Science
  • ARE 2210: Essentials of Accounting and Business
  • BIOL 1107: Principles of Biology I
  • BIOL 1108: Principles of Biology II
  • CE 2110: Applied Mechanics I
  • CHEM 1127Q: General Chemistry I
  • CHEM 1128Q: General Chemistry II
  • ERTH 1000E: The Human Epoch: Living in the Anthropocene
  • ERTH 1051: Earth’s Dynamic Environment
  • ERTH 2800: Our Evolving Atmosphere
  • KINS 1100: Exercise and Wellness for Everyone
  • MARN 1001E: The Sea Around Us
  • MARN 1002E: Introduction to Oceanography
  • MARN 1003E: Introduction to Oceanography with Laboratory
  • MATH 1030Q: Elementary Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH 1070Q: Mathematics for Business and Economics
  • MATH 1131Q: Calculus I
  • MATH 1132Q: Calculus II
  • MATH 2110Q: Multivariable Calculus
  • NRE 1000: Environmental Science
  • PHYS 1201Q: General Physics I
  • PHYS 1202Q: General Physics II
  • PHYS 1401Q: General Physics with Calculus I
  • PHYS 1402Q: General Physics with Calculus II
  • SPSS 1100: Turfgrass Management
  • SPSS 1110: Fundamentals of Horticulture
  • SPSS 1150: Agriculture Technology & Society
  • SPSS 2120: Environmental Soil Science
  • SPSS 2520: Floral Art
  • SPSS 3230: Biotechnology- Science, Application, Impact & Perception
  • SPSS 3245: Plant Breeding and Biotechnology
  • SPSS 3530: Advanced Floral Art
  • STAT 1100Q: Elementary Concepts of Statistics

Student Award

The student chosen for this scholarship will receive a certificate of accomplishment along with a $1,000 monetary award for use towards post-secondary education expenses. Funds will be withheld from this award to cover any outstanding balance with the University of Connecticut, to include tuition and fees for students attending UConn, prior to a check being issued.

Application Procedures

Applicant must submit the following documents:

  • An essay (suggested word count 200 min. – 400 max.) which will be reviewed by a committee and judged on the following criteria:
    1. Academic achievements
    2. Plans for the future
    3. Impact of coursework
  • Submit a document or link to a writing sample, project, photo of artwork, music, etc., created by you, that demonstrates academic excellence or talent in STEM. Selections will be assessed on originality, mastery of subject matter, and presentation.  Please note the following guidelines.
    • Only ONE submission is allowed per applicant.
    • Group work should not be submitted, as committee members will be unable to determine an individual student’s STEM talent.
    • Lab work should generally not be submitted as originality will be assessed, and in most cases labs are procedures an entire class completes.
    • Include a short description of your submission and explain why you chose to submit this piece.
      • All artwork submitted must be clearly labeled with directional instructions so the committee knows how to appropriately view your piece(s).
    • Because UConn ECE course offerings vary by high school, students who have taken at least one of the above courses may use projects from other high school courses as demonstration of academic achievement in the fields of STEM.
  • A resume which includes the name and e-mail address of your instructor(s) for your UConn ECE STEM course(s).
  • A copy of your current high school transcript, which displays your outstanding academic achievement as well as enrollment in at least one UConn ECE course.
    • Be sure that UConn ECE courses are easily identifiable for the committee reviewing your application.

Application Dates

Applications are accepted from January 19, 2024- March 9, 2024.

Apply Now

All applicants will be notified of their status by May 2024.