All UConn ECE opportunities can make an important impact on:

  1. success in college
  2. increased competitiveness during the college application process
  3. academic future in terms of financial benefit and freedom to schedule and select courses once in college.

If you accumulate a significant and diverse array of coursework through UConn ECE, you have the potential in college to complete a bachelor’s degree in three years – or, Degree-in-3. If you are interested in this option, you can prepare by thinking about the diversity of your UConn course schedule while you are a UConn ECE Student. A Degree-in-3 is a good choice for some students, while for others it is not. You should reflect on your goals – study abroad, double major, internships, student activities, financial responsibilities – to determine whether a Degree-in-3 is the right choice for you. Moreover, if you are not matriculating to UConn after high school, you should contact your university to see whether and how many credits will transfer.

For more information about transferring UConn credit if you are going to a college/ university other than UConn, visit our Credit Transfer Information page.

For more information about accepting your UConn credit if you are coming to UConn, visit our Accepting/ Rejecting credits page.