MUSI 1001: Music Appreciation

Course Description:
Three credits. No previous training required. Intended primarily for students who are not music majors. An approach toward intelligent listening, illustrated by recordings.

Semester offered: Fall, Spring or Full-Year. 

MUSI 1011: Fundamentals/Ear Training I

Course Description:
Three credits. Basic skills in note reading, rhythm, meter, pitch symbols, scales, key-signatures, intervals, triads, sight-singing, and dictation. No previous training is required.

Semester offered: Fall, Spring or Full-Year

Student Eligibility Guidelines for MUSI 1001 & 1011:

Completion of at least one year of preparatory work in music courses at the high school level is recommended.

MUSI 1012: Fundamentals/Ear Training II

Course Description:
Further development of skills in music reading, sight-singing, and dictation. Prerequisite: MUSI 1011.

Semester offered: Fall, Spring or Full-Year

Student Course Eligibility Guidelines for MUSI 1012:

A student must pass MUSI 1011 with a grade of a "C" or higher to continue on to MUSI 1012.

Instructor Certification Requirements: 

The minimum degree requirement for instructors wishing to teach Early College Experience Music courses is usually a Master's of Arts degree in Music; however, a candidate with Master's in Education and sufficiently strong music background may be considered.

Instructor Resources: 

MUSI 1001 Sample Syllabus
MUSI 1011 Sample Syllabus
MUSI 1012 Sample Syllabus