GERM 3233: Building Language Skills through Culture I

Course Description:
Three credits. Development of oral and written skills using a content-based methodology and drawing on texts that deal with issues in contemporary culture of German-speaking countries. Emphasis on acquisition of a sophisticated understanding of cultural differences while building vocabulary, improving accuracy, and increasing facility in self-expression and communication.

Semester offered: Fall, Spring or Full-Year

Student Eligibility Guidelines for GERM 3233:

Successful completion of three or more years of high school German or instructor consent is required.

GERM 3255:  Studies in 20th Century German Literature

Course Description:
Three credits. Prerequisite: GERM 3233. Study of a cohesive group of texts that mark the period. Attention will be given to the relevant socio-historical context and to the visual and performing arts. Taught in German.

Semester offered: Fall, Spring or Full-Year

Student Eligibility Guidelines for GERM 3255:

Successful completion of GERM3233 is required.

Instructor Certification Requirements: 

The instructor must have a Bachelors Degree in German/German Studies and a Masters Degree in German/German Studies. If the instructor has a Bachelors Degree in German and a Masters Degree in Education or another equivalent field (e.g., International Studies), the instructor needs to complete at least two scholarly courses in the study of German/German Studies. The courses should be in a Graduate German Studies Department from an accredited university in the United States.

Instructor Resources:

GERM 3255W Sample Syllabus