Maritime Studies

MAST 1200: Introduction to Maritime Culture

Course Description:
Three credits. A study of history and literature to understand the international maritime culture that links peoples, nations, economies, environments, and cultural aesthetics.

Semester offered: Fall, Spring or Full-Year

Student Eligibility Guidelines for MAST 1200:

Successful completion of two years of high school history and two years of high school English are recommended.

Instructor Certification Requirements: 

The minimum requirements for certification in Maritime Studies is an instructor trained in both English and History. Applicants should have a minimum a Bachelor's Degree in Maritime Studies; however, applicants with a Master's Degree in either English or History will be considered. This course may be team taught between a History and an English instructor.

Instructor Resources:

MAST 1200 Sample Syllabus 1
MAST 1200 Sample Syllabus 2
MAST 1200 Sample Syllabus 3