Animal Science

ANSC 1602: Behavior and Training of Domestic Animals*

Course Description:
Three credits. Application of behavior of cattle, horses, sheep, goats, swine and poultry to their management, training and welfare. Basic principles of genetics and physiology of behavior, perception, training, learning, motivation, and stress with consideration of integrated behavioral management and animal welfare.

Semester offered: Fall, Spring or Full-Year

ANSC 1645: The Science of Food*

Course Description:
Three credits. An introductory level course for students interested in the application of science to food. Nutritional and functional attributes of various food constituents are discussed. Issues concerning food processing and food safety are covered.

Semester offered: Fall, Spring or Full-Year

Student Eligibility Guidelines for ANSC 1645:

Student must be enrolled in an Agriscience program in Connecticut, and must have completed or be enrolled concurrently in Chemistry.

ANSC 1676: Introduction to Companion Animals*

Course Description:
Three credits. Basic concepts of the nutrition, physiology, health and management of companion animals.

Semester offered: Fall, Spring or Full-Year

ANSC 2251: Horse Science*

Course Description:
Three credits. Valuable to animal science majors. Includes horse types and breeds and their nutrition, breeding, evaluation, behavior, care and management with attention given to detailed studies of the problems and practices of horse production and use.

Semester offered: Last course in a four semester sequence

Student Eligibility Guidelines for ANSC 1602, ANSC 1676, ANSC 2251:

Student must be enrolled in an Agriscience program in Connecticut. Student must have completed Biology, and the freshman year animal science course in high school.

ANSC courses can be offered as either year-long or semester-long courses. ANSC 2251 is a four semester sequence.

Instructor Certification Requirements: 

Option 1: Instructor should have an Animal Science BS major or minor; or Option 2: five years of experience teaching in an Agriscience high school. The first year of certification is provisional when the Department mentors the ECE instructor and oversees the implementation of the syllabus and instruction.

Certified instructors will work closely with the Animal Science Department to offer this class. Regular class exams are written by the ECE instructor and are approved by the Department. Final exam comes from the Animal Science Department at Storrs.

Instructor Resources:

ANSC 1602 Sample Syllabus
ANSC 1645 Sample Syllabus
ANSC 1676 Sample Syllabus
ANSC 2251 Sample Syllabus

*Contact UConn before applying as this course runs in a limited number Agriscience High Schools only.