Site Representative Conference


The Site Representative Conference is traditionally held annually, in March, on the Storrs campus and is one of our largest events. Due to the nature of COVID-19, the 2020 conference was cancelled. Materials for the 2021 conference are being e-mailed and housed on this page and the Site Representatives have been invited to attend one (or both) live virtual events on March 31 or April 7.

New program policies and procedures are introduced and registration materials are distributed to all UConn ECE Partner schools. All UConn ECE Site Representatives are invited via e-mail. We ask Site Representatives to send a delegate in their place if they are unable to attend.

#1 Course Offerings 2021-2022

2021-2022 Course Offerings planning documents were e-mailed to Site Representatives on Tuesday, March 9, 2021

2021-2022 Course Offerings are due to the UConn ECE Office by April 30, 2021

#2 UConn Pre-College Summer (PCS)

A pre-college summer program for high school students. UConn PCS can help students with their future career, academic, and personal goals! For program dates, application details, courses, and more information please visit We welcome you to use the program flyer to share this opportunity with your students.

#3 Winter 2021 UConn ECE Magazine

Visit the page directly at or download the PDF. Contribute to the Summer 2021 edition with artwork (open to all) or text (open to students only).

#4 Student Ambassador Program

We continue to support and build a new cohort of enthusiastic UConn ECE student Ambassadors each year. These students assist in the marketing and administration of the UConn ECE program at their high school, as they support their fellow students and the Site Representative to create a more seamless college experience for all. Student Ambassador Participation Packages are due by June 4, 2021. Please see the Information Sheet and Verification Form for program details.

#5 Program Data, Course Evals, and Credit Transfer Info

Data Sheet. Quick facts, trends, and data about the 2020-2021 UConn ECE academic year.
Course Evaluation Results. Includes overview of aggregated results to each of the questions asked of Fall 2020 classes.
Credit Transfer Information. We encourage schools to share the first page of the attachment with their students. The second page outlines how schools can support their students with the credit transfer process. Be on the lookout next month for videos walking through this process.

#6 Academic Advising presentation

UConn ECE has created an Academic Advising presentation with narration and written accompanying text to assure that all students, parents, and your counseling team can use this resource.  The presentation includes advice on course selection, implications of taking UConn courses in high school, and serves as a central point for reaching additional resources.  We encourage you to share the link to the Academic Advising presentation with your colleagues, perspective students, their parents, and as a resource on your student resource systems (Moodle, etc.).

#7 High School Growth Graphs

Growth graphs provide a ten-year snapshot of student- and course-level data for your school, as well as a comparison to schools similar to yours. Site reps will receive their school’s growth graph via email. This 4 minute video walks you through the figures on the growth graph. Please reach out to Carissa Rutkauskas if you have any questions.

#8 Program Policies & Fees

Find some Program Policy Highlights for the 2021-2022 year, and all other program policies in our Policies & Procedures Guide. Program fees have not changed from last year and are still $50 per registered course credit.