Become a Site Representative

Congratulations on becoming a UConn ECE Site Representative for your high school. You are the designated liaison between your school and the University of Connecticut and an invaluable resource for your students. In this role, you will provide program information and guidance to student, parents, and instructors.

Within your school, you will hold the following responsibilities:

The information requested on the UConn ECE Site Representative Form ensures that we have the details necessary to create and/or maintain your University record. Once this form is submitted, we will contact you via phone for your social security number* so a University account can be created or reactivated for you. Access can then be granted to UConn’s library resources, e-learning system (HuskyCT), and the Student Administration System.

*Providing your social security number is voluntary; it is not required. If you choose not to provide your social security number, you must disclose if you have previously been affiliated with the University.

Site Representative Form

Be sure to review the Role of Site Representative and learn about the Site Representative Conference.