marketing & Promotion

A great way to grow your UConn ECE program is through marketing and promotion. A clear and transparent representation of UConn Early College Experience not only makes the program clearer to a wider audience but also assists with the enrollment and registration process, and ultimately the credit transfer process.

Marketing & Promotion Ideas

  • Use our UConn ECE Logos and Proud Partner Badges on webpages, syllabi, and email signatures
  • Link to our website from your school/district website
  • Have a UConn ECE page on your school website
  • Share the benefits of an early college experience with your students
  • Include a clear and consistent message in your Programs of Study/Course Catalog (below)
  • Tag us on social media
  • Invite us to talk to your students and/or parents
  • Request marketing materials
  • Show our UConn ECE: The Video during assemblies
  • Enlist a Student Ambassador
  • Send parents an informational letter
  • Present our PowerPoint presentation at school assemblies
  • Submit a piece (written by you, a UConn ECE Instructor, or by a UConn ECE Student) to the UConn ECE Program Office for our summer or winter magazine
  • Write an article and post it on our LinkedIn Alumni group (or have a UConn ECE Instructor or UConn ECE Student write one!)
  • Encourage your district middle schools to invite us to their high school opportunities fair


  • UConn ECE, not just ECE (as ECE also stands for Electrical and Computer Engineering, a UConn academic department)
  • UConn courses taken through UConn ECE are UConn courses (they are not like a college course)
  • UConn ECE is a concurrent enrollment program
  • Refer to your students' UConn courses, not their ECE courses

High School Programs of Study/ Course Catalog Best Practices

Partner Responsibilities

  • UConn ECE courses are described in the course catalog as a unique program within the high school and are distinguished from Advanced Placement. Course descriptions are available through the UConn ECE Program Office, the website, and in the UConn course catalog. UConn course descriptions must be used in the high school’s catalog. (UConn ECE Policies and Procedures Guide)
    • UConn Course number and name should be included in the high school program of studies

UConn Early College Experience Description for High School Catalogs

  • This description must be used in your high school’s catalog: UConn Early College Experience (UConn ECE) provides academically motivated students with the opportunity to take university courses while in high school. These challenging courses allow students to preview college work, build confidence in their readiness for college, and earn college credits that provide both an academic and a financial head-start on a college degree and other postsecondary opportunities. UConn ECE Instructors are high school teachers certified as UConn ECE Instructors by the University. UConn ECE faculty foster independent learning, creativity and critical thinking - all important for success in college and careers. [School name] offers UConn ECE courses in [discipline(s)]. To support rigorous learning, University of Connecticut academic resources, including library and online classroom access, are available to all UConn ECE Students. (UConn ECE Policies and Procedures Guide)

Cost information

  • Should be reviewed and updated annually, if included in the Program of Studies

Name Standard

  • University of Connecticut Early College Experience
  • UConn Early College Experience
  • UConn ECE
  • UConn courses

Student/Parent Handbook

  • If UConn ECE is mentioned in the Student/Parent handbook, please make sure all name standards are met.

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