Become a Partner School

Congratulations on exploring the option of offering your students the benefits of enrolling in a college course while still in high school (concurrent enrollment). Our Growing UConn ECE PDF provides an overview of the process. Becoming a UConn ECE Partner is a process that can take up to a full year to complete, but we are here to support you every step of the way.

Step 1: Contact (anytime). Please complete the high school partner information form. We will contact you to set up a school visit to discuss your questions about concurrent enrollment and how it can benefit your students. The best meetings involve administrators and the guidance department.

Step 2: Consider courses (Fall). Take a look at your students’ needs for possible course offerings and start exploring the academic backgrounds of the instructors at your school and their potential for certification. Our course offerings and discipline-specific Instructor certification guidelines are available on our Course Guide. Understand that UConn ECE is a unique and separate program from other college preparation programs, such as AP and IB.

Step 3: Site Representative (Fall). Generally a high school counselor, Site Representatives are an integral part of the partnership as they serve as the primary contact to our office and manage the student registration process. Assign a Site Representative and complete the Site Representative form. Site Reps are invited to an annual conference in late February or early March where they collect registration materials and learn about program updates.

Step 4: Instructor certification (Winter). Teachers apply for certification. Certification applications are due January 31 each year. Be sure to review their obligations for UConn ECE professional development. Even if you do not expect to run a course that year, it is still valuable to get your staff certified as soon as possible to begin the implementation of a new course. Refer to our Pathways to UConn ECE Instructor Certification PDF for an overview.

Step 5: Student Registration (Late Summer/ Early Fall). Visit our Student Registration page for details!

We are always working to improve the partnership and are open to feedback. We are happy to make multiple visits to your school and are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

High School Partner FormSite Representative Form

Be sure to review the Role of the High School and take a look at our Partner Schools.