Student Ambassadors

Each year, enthusiastic UConn ECE Student Ambassadors assist in the marketing and administration of the UConn ECE program at their high school, support their fellow students and Site Representative, and create a more seamless college experience for all. Site reps at partner high schools are eligible to select at least one student ambassador. Partner high schools with more than 150 students enrolled in UConn ECE courses may have up to two ambassadors.

A UConn ECE Student Ambassador must commit to:

  • Submit a one-page informational paper about UConn Early College Experience and the benefits of the program AND a signed Student Ambassador Commitment Form to their UConn ECE Site Representative.
  • Participate in a brief virtual orientation with UConn ECE Program Office Staff.
  • *Participate in the pilot of the new UConn ECE registration system prior to August 17, 2021.
  • Work with the UConn ECE Site Representative to help other students through the registration process.
  • Send a minimum of 4 separate submissions with pictures or videos of UConn ECE classes at their high school. A detailed description of the event, project, or discussion must be included.
  • Complete and submit a Verification Form by the October confirming all ambassador responsibilities have been fulfilled.
  • Complete an online exit survey at the end of ambassador term to provide program feedback.

Upon completion of their responsibilities, ambassadors are eligible for one 2021-2022 course paid for by UConn ECE, a letter of acknowledgement, and a certificate of achievement.

Student Ambassador Information