UConn ECE Logos and Proud Partner Badges

Use of UConn ECE Logo and UConn ECE Proud Partner Badge

We invite and encourage you to use the UConn ECE logo and/or UConn ECE Proud Partner Badge on your UConn ECE syllabus, webpage, presentations, in your email signature, and/or on other materials that denote a partnership with the program. Consider linking your school's ECE page or ece.uconn.edu to your electronically placed logo or badge!

UConn logos may not be used to misrepresent the University of Connecticut or any connected department. Do not modify or distort the logo. Please review the University Logo and Wordmark Policy for more information.

UConn Approved Vendors

Any apparel or promotional items created with "UConn" or "UConn ECE" on them, must be sent for approval to UConn ECE at ece@uconn.edu before an order is placed, and must be purchased through a UConn-licensed vendor. Many of these vendors are also on UConn or Connecticut State contract. A complete listing of UConn Approved Vendors can be found under the "Vendors" tab on UConn's Brand Standards

Thank you for your effort in helping maintaining a unifying standard through the use of these logos and badges.

 UConn ECE Established In Stamp

UConn ECE Stamp transparent background           UConn ECE Est In Stamp one color          UConn ECE Est In Stamp

Black Stacked UConn ECE Wordmark

Navy Side-by-side UConn ECE Wordmark

Black Side-by-side UConn ECE Wordmark

Navy and Grey Side-by-side UConn ECE Wordmark