Funding & Awards

UConn ECE Program Office provides several opportunities for community member development and professional recognition with the aim of advancing our mission of providing access to, and preparation for, higher education. The first step in providing students with such access is providing high school teachers with ways to advance their careers and providing UConn ECE Instructors with resources to develop their UConn courses.

Graduate Scholarship

The Graduate Scholarship allows high school teachers to take up to two graduate (or undergraduate) courses to support their UConn ECE certification application.

Course Enhancement Award

The Course Enhancement Award is designed to support the enhancement of an existing UConn ECE course. Applicants should apply for opportunities that would not usually be funded by the district, but will leave a lasting mark on the course and/or the student experience.

Professional Recognition Awards

These Professional Recognition Awards recognize excellence for all populations in the UConn ECE Community – Instructors, Site Representatives, principals, Faculty Coordinators, and researchers. These are peer- and student-nominated awards.

Conference Funding

UConn ECE Instructors attend conferences that promote their UConn classes and concurrent enrollment as a dynamic model for education. While funding is not guaranteed, conference presenters and attendees can apply to the UConn ECE Program Office to help offset some of the costs. Request funding.