UConn ECE Instructors have access to UConn AnyWare.


UConn ECE Instructors are added to a discipline-specific listserv which allows you to receive and send emails to all your UConn ECE departmental colleagues. A listserv is used like an email address: take the listserv address, enter it into your email send box, write your message, and then send. UConn ECE uses the listserv to notify you about events and other opportunities. We encourage you to use the listserv too. Want to ask your colleagues about materials or pose other group questions? Please use the listserv.


Some departments also post reference materials, banks of test questions, sample tests, and syllabi on a private HuskyCT site that is only accessible with your NetID. Go to to check your discipline-specific site. You can also request a HuskyCT site to use for your UConn ECE course by following these directions.

UConn Email

Used for Interlibrary Loan services, RefWorks

Since prior to 2024:

  • Your UConn issued e-mail alias is linked and directed to your high school e-mail address.
  • It is an alias address only with no inbox to send or receive messages. All messages will be directed to your high school e-mail address.
  • Use to look up your UConn e-mail.
  • You will use your UConn e-mail address alias when using an ILS (Interlibrary Loan Services) account.
  • You may also use your UConn e-mail address alias for educational discounts.