Instructor Benefits

UConn ECE Instructors are considered Affiliates and may receive many of the same academic privileges granted to UConn Faculty. As a certified UConn ECE Instructor you are connected to the University's discipline-specific department in important professional ways, giving you access to specialized professional development, academic events, and University resources. Equally as important, you have the ability to offer the highest level coursework to the most serious and motivated students at your high school.

Professional Development


UConn ECE offers some of the best professional development workshops you will find. UConn ECE Faculty Coordinators organize annual one-day workshops for their UConn ECE Instructors which bring Instructors back into the labs and professional work spaces of their academic department. Internationally recognized guest speakers often attend these workshops, and Instructors walk away from the event with valuable information, materials, and other resources that refresh and reignite their academic passions. While workshop attendance is required every two years to maintain certification, most Instructors attend every year because they enjoy the professional interactions and professional content. Instructors are emailed an invitation each year.

Check out our latest PD Workshops

Fall 2021 UConn ECE Music Workshop

On Friday, November 19th UConn Early College Experience, and the UConn ECE Faculty Coordinator for Music Megan Lyons met with certified Music Instructors for their annual professional development conference. The Instructors checked in and introduced themselves to Megan and spoke about the courses they teach in their high schools. The group also spoke about modernizing music […]

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Summer Institutes

During the summer, UConn ECE hosts three-day Summer Institutes that offer a more intensive and intimate academic experience. Additional information and registration is on our Summer Institutes page.

Funding and Awards

UConn ECE provides several opportunities for community member development and professional recognition with the aim of advancing our mission of providing access to, and preparation for, higher education. The first step in providing students with such access is providing high school teachers with ways to advance their careers and providing UConn ECE Instructors with resources to develop their UConn courses. More information is available on our Funding and Awards page.


OneCard and NetID

UConn ECE Instructors receive a University identification card (the UConn One Card) and Net ID that allows lending privileges at all University Libraries and the ability to utilize many academic services on campus. UConn One Cards allow instructors to borrow books from UConn Libraries, free or discounted entrance to many museums, and discounts at the UConn Bookstore.

Your NetID is an essential tool to access your benefits as well as perform essential tasks like checking your class rosters, entering grades, and requesting a HuskyCT course management site. In terms of benefits, your NetID allows you access to the UConn Library. UConn ECE Instructors can borrow up to 300 books from any UConn Library up to 6 months with 2 renewals. You are also able to request books and articles not owned by the UConn Library through Interlibrary Services.


UConn ECE Instructors have access to UConn AnyWare as well as UConn WebEx Web Conferencing.


UConn ECE Instructors are added to a discipline-specific listserv which allows you to receive and send emails to all your UConn ECE departmental colleagues. A listserv is used like an email address: take the listserv address, enter it into your email send box, write your message, and then send. UConn ECE uses the listserv to notify you about events and other opportunities. We encourage you to use the listserv too. Want to ask your colleagues about materials or pose other group questions? Please use the listserv.


Some departments also post reference materials, banks of test questions, sample tests, and syllabi on a private HuskyCT site that is only accessible with your NetID. Go to to check your discipline-specific site. You can also request a HuskyCT site to use for your UConn ECE course by following these directions.