Submit Grades

UConn ECE Instructors are required to enter course grades online using the University's Student Administration System (SAS). To access SAS, an Instructor will need their NetID and password. For NetID help, visit

Grade Submission Deadlines

Fall Semester Grades: February 15
Full-Year and Spring Semester Grades: July 1

UConn ECE Students may earn a grade of A-F. Numerical grades will not be accepted. High schools using a numerical grading system should translate the number grade to letter format using the conversion policy provided by the UConn Faculty Coordinator for the discipline. Contact your Faculty Coordinator directly with any questions regarding calculating or converting a course grade.

The UConn grade and the high school grade given for a UConn course may differ. This difference would be based on the high school’s policy for assigning grades in challenging courses. The high school grade would appear on the high school transcript, and the UConn grade would appear on the UConn transcript. How these grades are assigned should be made transparent to the students on the syllabus.

Some UConn courses are prerequisites for other courses. If you teach a sequence course (for example, MATH 1131Q & MATH 1132Q), your students must pass the first course of the sequence with a C or higher in order to continue onto the second course. If a student earns a C- or below in the first course of the two-course sequence, the student will be unenrolled from the second course of the sequence and will be refunded any paid course fees for the second course.

Online Grading Instructions