Become A Partner School


Step 1:
Please complete high school information form and contact us to set up a school visit. We would love to stop by your school to discuss your questions about concurrent enrollment and how we can benefit your students. The best meetings involve administrators and the guidance department. We are also available to talk to your faculty to explain their responsibilities and program requirements.

Step 2:
Take a look at your students’ needs for possible course offerings and your staff for potential certifications. Certification applications are due January 31st each year. Our university faculty coordinators review the applications and send notice of acceptance by March. Instructors are then asked to attend New Instructor Orientation in June before beginning to teach and a professional development workshop once every two years to maintain certification. Even if you do not expect to run a course that year, it is still valuable to get your staff certified as soon as possible.

Step 3:
Assign a site representative and fill out a couple necessary forms. Site representatives are an integral part of the partnership as they serve as the primary contact to our office and manage the student registration process. They are invited to an annual conference in February where they collect registration materials and learn about program updates.

Step 4:
Have your students apply and enroll in courses. Student registration run April 15th-June 3oth each year and there is an Add/Drop period August 15th-October 30th.

Step 5:
Send us some feedback. We are always working to improve the partnership and are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.