Syllabus Submission

The UConn ECE course syllabus is collected each academic year when the course is offered. Before uploading your syllabus please ensure it complies with the requirements communicated by your UConn ECE Faculty Coordinator and the requirements included in the UConn ECE Syllabus Template. Once you have submitted your syllabus, it will be stored and reviewed by the UConn ECE Program office and the UConn Faculty Coordinator. Remember, only syllabi for UConn courses will be accepted. Please omit references to Advanced Placement. Courses that are taught in sequence cannot appear on the same syllabus. Please submit one syllabus per course. Content for multiple courses into one syllabus is not comparable to UConn course on campus and may affect the transferability process for students.

Some University academic departments may require additional course materials. Only the following instructors must submit these additional materials:

  • Biology Instructors: A course syllabus and pacing guide for the course lecture and lab
  • English Instructors: A course syllabus, schedule, and sample assignments must be submitted on the ECE English page.
  • HDFS Instructors: A course syllabus, curriculum map, and one student assessment
  • Mathematics Instructors: A course syllabus must include a list of sections in a schedule format with their respective titles as demonstrated on the Math Sample Syllabus.