Course Enhancement Award Details


  • Applicants must be a certified UConn ECE Instructor teaching a fall, spring or full-year 2023-2024 UConn ECE course at an ECE partner high school and have taught the course successfully for at least one year
  • Applicants must have support from their principal/department head and ECE Faculty Coordinator.
  • Applicants must submit the online application between November 7, 2022 and January 29, 2023. Mailed, e-mailed, and faxed copies will not be accepted
  • Site representatives, principals, and library media specialists may also apply if the project spans or ties together, and directly supports, several UConn courses


  • Multiple applications from the same individual/team will not be considered
  • No individual/team may receive more than one Course Enhancement Award administered by ECE in the same academic year
  • Past recipients of an award cannot apply again in the very next year after receiving an award
  • UConn ECE Students enrolled in the course must be actively involved in Community Development projects
  • The project must be completed by the end of the academic year in which the award is made
  • Awardees will be asked to submit a final report by July 1, 2024. This can include pictures, magazine articles, and social media posts that will also be used in promotional materials


Applicants will be asked to answer questions on the criteria listed below.

  • Statement of Need (250 word maximum)
    • The statement of need should describe the problem the project will attempt to address, the impact it will have on school and/or community, the population that will be served, and how it will enhance your UConn ECE course/s.
  • Goals & Objectives (250 word maximum)
    • List the project goal/s. Describe the potential benefits this project will have on students, school/district and/or community.
  • Implementation of Project – To be answered by Community Development applicants only (250 word maximum)
    • If this is a new project, describe the project and provide information on how it will be implemented. Who will be included to make this project successful? Tell us how UConn ECE Students enrolled in the class will be involved.
    • If this is an established project, describe the project or program and provide information on what has been accomplished so far. Who will be included to make this project successful. Tell how UConn ECE Students enrolled in the will class be involved.
  • Evaluation (250 word maximum)
    • Provide information on the metrics that will be used to determine the effectiveness of the project. What results will you achieve through this project? What evidence will prove your success?
  • Budget (file upload)
    • Provide budget listing line item and general costs.
    • Applicants can apply for up to $2000.
  • ¬†Funding
    • Have you received/applied for additional funding? If yes, provide information on both committed and pending revenue. Will you be able to run your project if you do not receive full funding?

Teaching or administrative experience related to this Award proposal: indicate the school(s), teaching assignments, and other pertinent information, including continuing education and professional activities. Include both applicant and co-applicant information if applicable. Resumes can be uploaded.

The letter will be uploaded and must be:

  • signed on school stationary
  • confirm the teaching status of the applicant that is teaching a fall, spring or full-year 2023-2024 UConn ECE course that has been taught successfully for at least one year
  • indicate strong support for the proposal

You will be asked to confirm that you have consulted about this project with the UConn ECE faculty coordinator assigned to your discipline.

Applications can be submitted from Monday, November 7, 2022 to Sunday, January 29, 2023 and will fund projects that enhance active UConn Courses during the 2023-2024 academic year. Interested applicants are invited to submit a proposal using the online application.  **To avoid losing your work, we recommend saving your answers to the questions found in the application in a safe place first. **

If you have any questions, please contact Nella Quasnitschka.