Collegial Interaction

To assure National Accreditation of Concurrent Enrollment Programs (NACEP) accreditation compliance requirements, continuous collegial interaction between high school and the University is promoted and supported. The UConn ECE Program Office and Faculty Coordinators from participating academic departments work with high school principals, media specialists, Site Representatives, and Instructors to create a UConn experience in the high school classroom. UConn ECE Students must adhere to the academic integrity policy set by the University of Connecticut.

UConn ECE Instructors, administrators, and Students are welcome to the UConn campus at various times throughout the year. The UConn ECE Program Office coordinates discipline-specific professional development workshops for media specialists and Instructors annually to maintain certification. Additionally, Faculty Coordinators often send out invitations to events and lectures relevant to their department. Site Representatives attend the annual Site Representative Conference. A highlight of each year is the April UConn ECE Professional Development Awards Dinner, an opportunity to recognize outstanding professional achievement in the UConn ECE community. These on-campus opportunities provide high school administrators and instructors with the chance to meet with University faculty and engage and network with other professionals in their field from around the state.

UConn ECE hosts a variety of student-centered events at the Storrs and regional campuses, such as the Avery Point Cardboard Boat Race, French Immersion Day, the Wallace Stevens Poetry Contest, and the Globalization Conference. Academic department often invite and/or accommodate requests for students to participate in an on-campus laboratory experiment, classroom experience, lecture, or other event. These opportunities can work well paired with a tour of campus.

Within the high schools, UConn ECE Program Office staff is available to present the benefits of concurrent enrollment to students, parents, instructors and/or administrators. These high school visits extend to support during the registration process. Focusing on Instructors, site visits from UConn academic departments to high school classrooms ensure that UConn ECE Courses are taught to the same level of rigor as on campus courses. Instructors are encouraged to set aside classroom time for students to respond to course evaluations. Once tabulated, instructors receive these results. UConn ECE Program Office outreach staff also meet periodically with high school Site Representatives to answer certification questions, discuss growth possibilities, and check in on the overall health of the school’s UConn ECE program. Students have the opportunity to participate in a leadership role as a UConn ECE Student Ambassador. Selected students act as a resource to their peers and assist the Site Representative within their school. Each year, five students demonstrating excellence STEM; Arts, Humanities, or Social Sciences; or Civic and Community Engagement are awarded a UConn ECE scholarship.

High school Instructors and administrators are always welcome to reach out to the UConn ECE Program Office to coordinate a meeting at their high school or an on-campus meeting. Interested Instructors should fill out the Campus Visit Form linked below. Site representatives have access to several UConn ECE databases to assist with their school’s data-driven decision making processes. Continuous collegial interaction and open communication are foundations to successful concurrent enrollment experience for high school students around Connecticut.

UConn Campus Visit Form

NACEP uses these measurable criteria to address partnership standards*:

  • Partnership 1 (P1) The concurrent enrollment program aligns with the college/university mission and is supported by the institution’s administration and academic leadership.
  • Partnership 2 (P2) The concurrent enrollment program has ongoing collaboration with secondary school partners.