Partner Resources

Having access to a Research One University provides UConn ECE students with many academic benefits and a suite of resources for instructors. Support for these activities is provided by several units of the University and many individual departments.

Complete this tech checklist after you received your NetID:

  1. NetID: Activate your NetID, your unique Network Identifier enabling access to computing, library, and administrative services.
  2. Email: University email accounts and calendars for faculty are hosted on Microsoft Office 365. Your address is automatically linked to your work address.
  3. Student Administration System: Log in to check your rosters and verify that the correct students are enrolled.

Library Access

Students study at the Homer Babbidge Library on April 28, 2014. (FJ Gaylor/UConn Photo)

The UConn Library is the largest public research collection in the state. The website is available at ECE Faculty, Library Media Specialists, and students, like all members of the UConn Community, may use databases to search for and download full-text scholarly resources for research needs. Online chat help and email consultations are available at The Library also offers many self-help research tools and guides on the homepage. 150 books is the maximum undergraduate students may borrow from the UConn Library. Interlibrary Services may be used for items we do not have.

To use the library, you must know your NetID and password. Also, ECE students must have set up a UConn Google Mail account at


A NetID is a unique identifier created by the University that allows access to University computing services. Your NetID is needed to access the University of Connecticut Student Administration System (for checking rosters and submitting grades), to access library materials, to check Enrollment Reports (site representatives only), and to use HuskyCT. Once you have been officially added to our database, Information Technology Services (ITS/ formally UITS) will send a NetID e-mail to your personal e-mail address. This e-mail will provide you with your NetID and instructions on to activate it and how to set an initial NetID password. Your NetID is displayed as a combination of letters and numbers.

Student Administration System (SAS)

The University of Connecticut's PeopleSoft Student Administration System manages student admissions, records, registration, grades and financial information. Students will also use the SAS System to pay fee bill, view course grades, and request transcripts. To access the SAS System, visit The SAS system has a number of tutorials available on various features.

You will be prompted to enter your NetID and password to use SAS. If you do not remember your NetID, go to and use the "Find NetID" feature.

G Suite

G Suite Apps (formally Google Apps for Education) is available for university faculty. The core services (Calendar, Drive, Hangout, Sites, Groups) are available by creating an account and includes the same contractual user level agreement as the students. You can also opt in to UConn Google Apps Public Services. Some examples of current public services are Google+, Picasa Web Albums, Google Analytics, Blogger, YouTube, Google News, Google Places. The various applications across Google Apps makes it easy to find new innovative methods to teach. What makes this work well is that many students are already using these applications so integration into the classroom should be seamless. Your UConn Google Apps username is not your NetID but your UConn email address. 

Office 365

University email accounts and calendars for faculty and staff are hosted on Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 is a cloud-hosted service that includes access to productivity and collaboration applications, available through the O365 online portal. Microsoft frequently adds new applications. For a preview of what services and updates are coming, visit their Office 365 Roadmap.


ITS (formally UITS) provides the University of Connecticut with the learning management system HuskyCT. It can be used to supplement face-to-face instruction or to deliver complete courses via the web through a web browser. Class sites must be requested through the Student Administration System. Library Media Specialists may also request non-class sites to create resource guides. Many UConn faculty will use HuskyCT to communicate to high school instructors.